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Sims 4 - No Right or Left Handed Sims [Confirmed]

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Chris, Jun 28, 2014.


    Chris The Boss Site Owner

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    Back in September we thought Left as well as Right handed Sims were all but confirmed after reports mentioned such functionality, most notably after the Official Sims 3 Magazine in Spain confirmed it along with other features last September.

    But it has come to light just recently that this option is no longer a part of the game, confirmed by SimsGuruGrant. Has it been removed? Does this mean all Sims will be right handed?

    Does this affect you or how you play? Let us know in the comments below!


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    LOL With all the drama on the TS3 boards my first thought was, "OMG They removed the hands!" It was a small detail, but one I would have liked. Perhaps they can add it later. It does seem that they weren't able to put in everything they wanted. I'd love to play the game the Gurus imagined! That would be nirvana!


    I would've loved to have one of my sims left-handed but I suppose they're ignoring the small details that I mainly notice to release the game sooner. It would've been cool though..
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