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Clothing Mass Effect N7 Collection [WIP] 2014-09-18

My N7 clothing collection so far!

  1. iWilliBlecha
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    I am a really big fan of the Mass Effect games and so I thought I make a collection of some nice clothes for the Sims 4. This is still work in progress [WIP] so nothing here is final by side the leggins.
    Male versions will come on the weekend!
    If you like follow my new twitter account to stay up to date with the stuff I make!

    What you get so far:
    - pair of N7 styled Underwear (two more to come!).
    - N7 leather jacket.
    - N7 leggins.
    - Alliance T-shirt (more T-shirts will come!)
    - N7 Skirt (will be replaced with a shorter one)
    - N7 hoodie (will be re-coloured)
    - gray versions of the shoes (will get N7 style later)

    As always, I do not own the rights of the N7 or Alliance logos, Bioware and with that EA does!
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