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18+ The Ultimate Dark YAF Nude Skin! *New* by Sims4Forum 1.3

Darker Nipples, Darker Groin Area... suits all Sims from tanned to dark skins. A first for Sims 4

  1. Sims4Forum
    At last we have a nude skin for darker races, so this is a must have! Works perfectly on all Sims, but looks best on Sims with Tan to Darker skins. It can be used in ANY clothing category!

    TS4 2014-10-03 02-03-23-74.png TS4 2014-10-03 02-03-32-81.png TS4 2014-10-03 02-03-41-02.png TS4 2014-10-03 02-04-07-35.png TS4 2014-10-03 02-04-52-35.png TS4 2014-10-03 02-07-53-77.png TS4 2014-10-03 02-08-50-77.png TS4 2014-10-03 02-08-54-10.png

    Like with the others, it works with bathing/streaking! In CAS just remove your Sims clothes by clicking the X on your Sims top and/or bottom to activate and admire the work!

    Just place this in your mods folder and you're good to go! :) Enjoy

    ** This File is exclusive to Sims4Forum.com, please do not upload anywhere else **

    Credits to: EyeDye as I used his skin and replaced the top/bottom assets (nipples/vagina) with my own.

    Thanks to @SpikeyMikeyDOA for his contributions :)
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