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  1. Rethka786
    Here's the download link if anyone's interested. here I got this idea off SimsVIP and they normally post legit stuff but I'm still sceptical about it. post is here
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    3. SpikeyMikeyDOA
      Agree. I got s4s a wee while ago, and can confirm it's limited. But to be fair it's brand new, so that's to be expected. If you already know how to use CM & s4pe to make yer packages, the only reason to use s4s is for previewing textures... At least to me anyway. But I find it's quick enough to just test them in-game. I do expect s4s will be awesome once they've chased all the bugs out.
      Sep 24, 2014
    4. Meline
      I was trying this last night, but it doesn't show up with any examples for me.
      It loads up, but it doesn't load the actual clothes. :(
      Sep 24, 2014
    5. SpikeyMikeyDOA
      Meline, I had the same issue. Hit up their support forum, and trawl through it to (I think) somewhere around page 9... they post an updated version that asks for the location of your game install. That fixed it for me.
      Sep 24, 2014
  2. Rethka786
    Hi, there is a CC creation tool called Sims 4 Studio, I'm thinking of downloading it but want to first know if anyone has any better tools/programs that I can use.
  3. Sims4Forum
    I think this is a great idea EyeDye! :D
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