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a different Disney legacy

Discussion in 'Sims 4 Legacies and Stories' started by disneygirl, Sep 27, 2015.



    This will be different from other Disney legacy changelle. Oringally it was only going to be a Disney princess thing but I decided to expanded into more
    founder (sim-self or otherwise male/female) spouse must be native american (oppiste sex only but not Pochantas). You can included your siblings if you wish but you must create a sibling for
    spouse. Depending on your sim founder's gender the heir/ess will be the same gender unless no kids of same gender avaible.

    before beginning the changelle evict all Maxis families from houses in the game

    Gen 1:
    Have enough money to create a small house.
    First Gen must have Snow White, Cinderella and Aurora and their princes as neighbours. Optional Pinnicho, The Darlings and Alice (I made her sisters as well in my game but you don't have too): ^"Classic Era 1939-1959"
    have too)

    Gen 2:
    Opens up a store (ie a bakery. Do NOT open up a art store. That's for part 3?)
    Mary Poppins and Bert. and the Banks child. Roger and Anita Raddcliffe Arthur Pendragon (can also include his'foster' dad and foster brother) Can include Mowgli I didn't because I totally forget about him. "^60s era"

    Gen 3:
    create an enemy during Gen 3 teen years for Gen 3. Have Enemy's parents own an art store. The Enemy (the same gender as your heir(ess)) must give a potion
    to the potential BF/GF of your heir/ess making the BF/GF be in love with (enemy). The Heir(ess) must 'kiss' the BF/GF in order to 'break' the spell.
    When the teens are YAs and the enemy's parents die, the Enemy gets married to someone (either opposite or same-sex) and they can't have children (make up a reason).
    The Enemy must sell the store. Then kidnap one of the children of the (Heir/ess) peferabley the next heir. You can use the kidnapper's house through the gallery.

    Neighbours/friends at the beginning: Must have Jenny Foxworth(teenage/YA), Penny (teenage/YA) and Taran and Ewoilney from The Black Cauldron. <-70s-80s era

    "Neighbours"/friends at the end of Gen 3 :
    Ariel and Eric (Melody is allowed). Belle and "Beast" and Jasmine and Aladdin. If you have GTW make sure the "MOMs" be police officers. Opitional: Can include Cody-I forget he even existed.

    ^"Disney Renaissance part 1 (1989-1992)"

    Gen 4:
    The heir as child you must have "dreams" while living in the 'kidnapper's home' about 3 oppiste gender children (one from each of the neghbiours-Melody can
    be included here if the heir is a boy but not if the heir is a girl). "Queenly" business (if playing female-only) outfit is Lelia's robe + Grimm Reaper's hood
    As a teenager/YA she must wear a "Slave-like Outfit" The kidnapper's spouse is a lot nicer to (heir) when the kidnapper is away and even allows the heir to sneak out to meet the three
    dream ___ . When YA the opposite gender sims must fight (kidnapper) and whichever sim (but not the kidnapper) wins gets to become the heir's spouse. You mayin Gen 3
    tell a chapter from one of the oppiste gender's POVs. You can download My "Fight Club" in the gallery. Your sim makes a deal with (spouse) of the kidnapper in exchange for his testifying against
    (kidnapper) he will get the job of "Grimm for Evil's Sake" and one of the heir's children to raise as their own to have the same job.
    when Heir is married movie in: Pochantas&John Smith (option John Rolfe). Esmerlda and Phobeus, Mulan and Shang, Hercules and Megra.
    Optional: Tarzan and Jane

    ^"Disney Renaissance part 2"1994-1998/199)

    I'm not sure about the other generations yet..Its a work in progress . Keep an eye on how the legacy in my siggy plays out!!
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