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Anne's dreams

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by disneygirl, Nov 6, 2014.



    I thought that some people might be interested in my dreams:

    This dream happened when I was a very young child and twice: in one nightmare I was walking home with my Mom from the GO train (train that goes into Toronto in in Ontario, Canada ) station ( I didn’t see the train or the station it self I just know that what we were heading from ) over top of the highway “bridge” and its was peaceful until a car with headlights on comes onto the sidewalk (I mean literally) and starts chasing mom and me on the sidewalk (thats when I woke up)

    in the second dream same thing happened but we were closer to home this time on the 3rd main street in my town.

    it was very vivid that I can remember like it was yesterday

    Nov. 2009
    I was someone (don’t know where) and in my dream the items were: coins, washroom, Chinese food, old school acquaintances and Pop vending machines.

    and sometimes there were 2 mes ( the dream self me and me, me and yes I was aware I was dream) and sometimes there was only one me and during the one me times I was seeing through my dream self eyes
    I was somewhere a super mall probably like the one out West here in Canada. I don’t know which order it went in but in part of my dream I was swimming (I think- all I saw was me being dripping wet) another part was ordering Chinese food (dumplings)
    http://ricecakeconfessional.files.wordpress.com/2007/12/dumplings.jpg from a cafeteria, and for a brief second saw the inside of a Pop vending machine. (Note: I never used a vending machine in my life.) and in the washroom there were 2 school mates from my elementary school (one who I haven’t since since the closing ceremony of our elementary school after my class has graduated- is a child of a local meat empire in Canada or at least in Ontario and is short very short, the other school mate in the dream is average size and I haven’t see her since 1st day of High school, and If I remember correctly they both had blond hair ) . Also in the washroom was something to do with water but it wasn’t either: sink or toilet or a fountain but something else. and I kept trying to do a trick with water but the coins kept dropping from my hand into the water. In part of the dream I got a pop from a pop vending machine.

    Dec 2009
    I was first I was dreaming about a friend of mine who is a boy and was teaching him about the 6 wives of King Henry VIII (well after we were discussing life after marriage). Then poof!!! I was in another dream and came to a landing of some rickety stairs, some one gave me chocolate covered snack and he/she (I couldn’t tell they were wearing a ski mask) tied me up and I must have fallen asleep (in the dream) or something because the next think I know was I was tied up on a train in a freight car filled with Sims 3 Expansion packs (a computer video game). I couldn’t tell if I was gagged or not. But I was able to get myself out of the ropes I was in. and I found the door to open the freight car to the outside. I opened the door and jumped. My dream went over to my friends who were looking for me since we were planning to go to Disneyland. (2 have brown hair , & the 2 others have blond hair ). Then it went back to me. I meet a nice young man (who looked like an older 20s version of the friend who’s a boy) who helped me back to wherever the train has started its journey on Motorcycle.

    Jan 2010
    I dream of writing a letter to Pixar-Disney company saying that they should build a Pizza Planet restaurant identical to the one in the original Toy Story movie. Since the ones at the Disney parks aren’t at all even similar to that restaurant. I somehow ended up being the owner of the restaurant which was identical except with Toy Story 1 and 2 toys in various places. The various toys would “talk” to/with me if I was the only one there like when I’m there in the morning before the staff/cleaning up after the staff have gone home. I had all the rights of THIS Pizza Planet restaurant. Two nights ago I still dreaming about being the owner of Pizza Planet and I had 2 kidnappings and 3 attempted kidnapping. The first time I “was” actually kidnapped I “was” tied to a chair in a empty house. But a cute guy I meet a week ago was my hero.

    The 1 attempted kidnapping (which happened within 15 hours/minutes of the 1st actual kidnapping) I did some tricks from books I read (aka, stomping on foot, kicking knee, biting hand). The 2nd attempt kidnapping which happened within 3 hours of the first attempted one. I raced through a maze in the basement underneath the main floor of the building.

    The 3rd attempt kidnapping which happened 5 hours latter was I was going to the grocery store (with the cute guy mentioned above) and when he was hurrying ahead someone grabbed me from behind but that’s when the cute guy turned around and jumped on the kidnapper. The next time I ended up on a airplane/helicopter seat tied up with no clue how I got there. I was in a closed off compartment on this aircraft from the pilot (kidnapper) but was close to a door and that’s when (the cute guy) came in using Woody’s own words from Toy Story 2 “Excuse me, ma’am, but I believe you’re on the wrong flight. ” and then after he untied me we jumped on a friend of his horse (who happened to be named Bullseye) with some lassoing from the cute guy.

    Feb 2010
    I was somewhere a school and a tiny invisible needle went into my arm (didn’t see it guessing), but I didn’t fall asleep or anything but these two guys put me under a computer desk/table in a hidden room and left me there.

    All “I ” knew when “I” was being kidnapped was the kidnappers knew that I knew something about something they wanted to know but my I didn’t know what that is. A couple of seconds after they left a black-haired woman came in and sat down and accidentally kicked me (she did not know I was under the table) . Than, one of my friends from high school’s dream self (who was taller and lanker than the real one))in my dream was in a Humphrey Bogart type of outfit (Fedora & trench coat ) and almost arrested this woman but

    “I said hold your horses, this woman didn’t know I was under the table.” Than for some reason this dream-friend asked to see my arms nothing was on the right arm, but on the left arm there was some lines and some blood. Than she and the other woman vanish into thin area. Than the 2 guys came back for me and forced me into their car (It was nighttime when we left the building). I kept trying to escape but every time I did the kidnappers got me back. The last thing that happened in the dream was signaling *with hand signals) another of my friends from highschool to call her dad and report a kidnapping but she didn’t understand sign language so she got the last friend in my dream who for some reason was living in the same house as the other friend mentioned, to interpret what I was saying.

    I had a weird dream last night. I dreamed I was asked to be the leading lady of a Canadian production of TLM (The Little Mermaid) since the director wanted someone to be perfect for the role and the casting director was in my neighborhood and heard me singing Ariel’s song “Part of Your World”, but I wasn’t even in my part anymore but 2 streets over delivering catologoues-so he was like Prince Eric trying to find me in the town. But he did find me. But I was worried about a couple of things:
    1) being kidnapped (they had hired body guards)
    2) what would people think of a leading lady coming out of the blue from nowhere?

    When I went to my first practice the people playing the mer-sisters, maids and princesses (all the same people) were jealous saying that since I didn’t audition I shouldn’t have gotten the part. So I showed them by singing “Part of Your World”, then they realized that the casting person was correct.

    I was so astonished about the person was going to play Prince Eric in my dream was a boy I grew up with that I fainted. Because when I fainted when there was commotion around me, some tried to kidnapped me and locked me in a closet where I came too (sp?) and people were looking for me but I heard the boy who I grew up with voice so I shouted “Limmer” his dog’s name so he could find me.

    So I could have some experience being in a rowboat with “Prince Eric” he and I went to a nearby pond and practice (well he practised I should say since in that scene Ariel can’t ‘talk”).

    Somehow my body guards were knocked out and both he (boy I grew up with, playing Prince Eric) and I were kidnapped.

    I had a dream that I somehow ended up in the TV show Redwall in the events of the first season. But I’m a brown mouse like Matthias and Cornflower (interesting thought I would be a red squirrel like Jess though) and am invisible during the major parts of the story (battle scenes). I tell Matthias (the main character of the first and original story)about my “human life”. I told Cornflower not to worry I wouldn’t steal him. Also I told him about the future including what happened to Chickenhound (a fox) . But I made them promise to forget it when I leave each night. I tell Constance (a Badger) who is the “Mother” of” all who enter by our door” as the abbots say at feast time about new badger friends of Matthias the Warrior and his son Mattimeo and that the female child badger will take on Constance’s role as Mother Badger after Constance’s gone. But before I had forgotten to mention the badgers before and somehow someone (or maybe some mouse-Martian the Warrior) gave me a “hand” (or “paw”) by putting in my hand/paw Sims 3 World Adventure Pangue’s axe which made me remember about Orlando the Axe and his daughter Auma. I also mention to Matthias that he, Basil Stag Hare, Jubez Spike, Orlando Badger, Jess Squirrel, and a young otter named Cheek would be trapped in a cave by Slagar the Cruel, but Martian the Warrior will send a message to him (Matthias) when he fell asleep in the cave.


    March 2010
    I had this dream last night I was in a community pool with little kids (but they looked all the same) and they had either black/blond hair and this one kid started to drown and I couldn’t do anything about it. At the bottom of the pool were a bunch of recently-dead little girl bodies and that’s when I insisted every out and tried to save this one kid. As soon as I did all of the bodies at the bottom of the floor rose up and tried to attack me (I don’t know-I woke up before they could attack me).

    I was working in an office and an armed gunman came in and a crowed gathered outside my office so I stepped outside of my office into the hallway in front of the crowd and convinced the gunman to put down his gun and to talk to someone about his problem. I discovered that he was an ex-employee from the company which in the dream I worked at and he was fired for embezzling money but he thinks his supervisor (who happened in my dream to be my current supervisor) framed him when it was really was the supervisor who was embezzling money. I got him to talk with the boss’ s boss about it and the boss’ boss said we needed an actual record beside the paper trail that the ex-employee had I had remembered about what I had read in the paper 3 years ago (which 3 years ago is the now in RLF) about taping a conversation and I happpened to know there was a hidden video cammera pannel on my side of the supervisor’s door which can a person can hide in while tapping a conversation on the other side of the conversation (with one or 2 people wired up) . I suggested that we meet back here at the office at 4:00 a.m the next day to get ready to talk with the ex-boss at 7:00 am

    But first I had to go talk to the CEO/President of the company to ask him if it was alright for us to meet here at 4:00 am. I started talking about what had happened downstairs but as I was talking I heard a ticking sound and since the boss doesn’t like clocks so I knew it wasn’t a clock so I looked around the room trying to find something that could hold a bomb but I eventually found a tape record where the ticking noise was coming from which was going to go off in 2 hours. I went straight to the nearest PA system and Said “Attention Everyone! There is a bomb in the building please leave quickly and calmly as possible from the building.”

    I then called 911 and asked for a police bomb squad team and then evacuated myself and the extra ” Big Cheese” (CEO) out of the building. The bomb squad came within 15 seconds of me calling them. Not to mention that when we went back inside the building reports were waiting outside for me. So I went outside and talked to them a bit and then after talking to them I went back inside and looked out the window and saw that reports still were out there and was thinking “how in the world am I going to get home past these guys?” but I must have said it out loud since my boss’ boss showed me a passage that lead to the front door of my home which was 3 blocks away.

    I went home told my long-term boyfriend (who is living with me in my dream) I would be leaving super early tomorrow. I turned on the TV for news and the first item on the news were the 2 things that happened at the office today in the dream. “Today a young woman was a hero for saving her office and her colleagues twice. She saved her office from a armed gunman by telling him violence wasn’t the answer to life’s problems. Less then an hour later she she saved the building from a bomb.”

    (Note: on this ^ someone thought it was a precognitive dream–only problem? it happened on a Saturday night)

    I was as walking through a wood to test my survival skills and I had a staff like the monks used to carry and I heard talking nearby and I looked though the trees and saw a nasty-looking bunch of humans (looked like a cross between Long John Silver and Captain Hook-with eye patches) with some chained humans around a campfire with the chained humans farther away. I know immediately the chained beings are slaves so I just charged out of the tree yelling “Eulia!” and waved my staff and I knocked out (dead) most of the nasty-looking bunch and the ones I didn’t knock out ran away. I then took a dagger from one of the dead beings and cut the chains of the slaves. They said I need a sword and said that if I came with them I would get a sword. They lived on a mountain somewhere outside of the forest.

    n last night’s dream I woke up on a ship as a galley slave with no clue how I got there (I guess I knew I was because of the colour of the wood and the fact we were moving? Not to mention the other humans around me and the oar I was chained to). I had the strength of ten badgers and I got the chain out of the wall without damaging the actual wall. The new villains (who looked like saturated Stoats humans unlike the last dream rancid rat humans) took me to their captain. Who I noticed had my SWORD (not DAGGER like at the end of my last dream) which I had gotten 2 seasons ago from a rock. I said to him (the captain while spitting in his face): “Captin what is your name? Is it any of the following?: Cluny? Badrang? Captin Clogg?” He yelled at his crew: “YOU USELESS LUMPS! YOU SHOULD HAVE KNOWN TO GLUE HER CHAINS BACK TO THE WALL!”
    He also said: “When we get back to the fortress a couple of days’ work in the quarry will rob her of her spirit.” I replied back: I am Anne! I will live to get back my sword Captin Badrang Clogg!”(when I said that last part my dream went to third person and I saw my eyes shining like a warrior’s eyes it had happened before in the last dream when I was yelling Eulialia!”)

    May 2010
    I had a dream last night that I was with Disney princes. At first I was dancing with them (in turn) and then a second later I was also kissing them (in turn). I was dancing in a room that looked a bit like the ballroom in Cinderella and a bit like the ballroom in Beauty&the Beast. When I was kissing the princes later I was on a balcony like the one in Beauty & the Beast. But I do know that when I was dancing with/kissing the princes I kept looking like the Disney Princesses

    I had a dream. I was in a castle and something made me go to a tower in the castle and at the the top of the tower there was a room. Inside the room there was both a spindling (sp?) wheel and an apple (probably poisoned). When I stepped inside the room the door slammed behind me and I raced back to the door and tried to opened it but couldn’t because the door was locked. I was book savy enough to know not to touch the spindle or to eat the apple but I also knew that they were my only ways out. I went over to the window of the tower and shouted “Flora, Fauna, Merryweather! I have a problem!” The fairies flew up to the window and asked what was the problem was. I said: “I’m stuck in this tower and the door is locked and the only ways out are either an apple which I’m guessing is poisoned and a spinning wheel and I am book savvy enough to know that if I touch either that I will be in a slumber until “And from this slumber you shall wake, when true love’s kiss, the spell shall break” Merryweather: “Hey You quoted me!” Flora: “That is a problem” I went off to another dream at this time so I have no idea what happens next.

    I had this dream about a candy vending machine. The candies were as big as reese pieces but as colourful as M&Ms and in the machine there was a ferris wheel that picks up the candy and when one drops a coin in it it drops one of the candies onto a “car” which than goes on a roller coater ride until it reaches a carsouel ride which the car dumps the candy onto and when the candy gets to the other side its drops onto a slide which hands up in your hands.

    I was in an atltervative (sp?) world (except the stuff and stars there were the same people from here). My dream-self had acting talent. I was in some town not Hollywood but some town with a buch of actors. At first Brad Pitt had a romatic interest in me but I said “LNo way Jose you way too old for me”. I than bumped into the director/producer wanting to remake Sabrina the Teenage Witch. She thought I would be perfect for the the role of sabrina. I said “there are 2 problems one I am redhead and the 2nd I’m lefthanded.” He said “Sabrina’s ancestors could have been left handed beside nobody is around from the time Sabrina was actually on” I than replied: What does Melisa Joan Hart think of the remaking of Sabrina?” A voice behind me said: “Didn’t you know I’m going to be playing Sabrina’s mom in ALL eposides that her mom is in” I turned around and saw Melissa Joan Hart herself! I said a squeakly “hi” to her and than turned back to the director/producer and he asked me to do some quotes from Sabrina. Which I did. I said “I have one problem I have no place to crash” Melissa offered the guestroom in her and her husband’s house. “Thank you but wouldn’t you have to tell your kids about a guest staying for awhile?” She said: “yeah but the kids love visitors.”

    She than wisphered into my ear she had gotten an email from Carolyn Rhea saying that Carolyn Rhee is coming back to play Aunt Hilda and she (Carolyn) heard from Beth Broderick that Beth was coming back to play Aunt Zelda. She than asked “Do you want to meet the oringal casts of Sabrina?” I said “sure but what would I call you guys Ms?” she replied P leae call me Melissa and the others would like to be called by there first name too off-stage that is) I met the oringal casts and Carolyn said: “Anne looks familiar

    ” I replied: “Big Apple airport July 2000″ I than asked Jean Leigh Green if it was funny going from a mortal cheerleader in Sabrina to being Witch from the Wizard of Oz herself. my dream ended around here

    I dreamed I was in high school cafeteria was having some kind of celeberation and I went to the Ladies’ room and when I stepped into the room I wasn’t in the 21st century anymore but in the wild,wild west. All my highschool best friends +my parents were wearing cowboy/girl outfits. Someone was the sheriff (don’t remember who) and they were sick of it , so they gave the job to me. the first thing I did was to get rid of all the rules. After that one of my sis dog’s (who in the dream can talk) said that the______ Kid is coming. I tried to find out about this_____ Kid and didn ‘t discover anything. I went back outside and tried to get help but everyone said the no rules rule got a lot of people into trouble. I than faced the _____Kid and it was an evil version of me. I and the ____kid had a shown down but the ___’kid’s gun ran out of ammo. SO _____ kid ran off. I than decided to instated most of the rules back.


    June 2010
    First dream; (I wasn’t there in this dream I was on the sidelines or was watching from a video camera somewhere else). There were two girls (Both were African.) one was a less-than oridnally girl and the other one was a “spoiled brat”. There was some mystery going on around the spoiled brat girl. At one point I see the spolied brat at a ballet place talking to other girls and the next she was at a indoor pool place. Somehow Dinsey characters got into my dream (Simba and his friends). something about an empty bed and a “scream face” thing having more than 1 wife.that’s all I can remember of that dream. something about an empty bed and a “scream face” thing having more than 1 wife.

    Second Dream: I was at a either a costume ball or a Halloween party. They are the same thing anyway. Well in my dream it was nearing the end of the party and I had stepped away for a second to go the Les Toilet. But as soon as I stepped away from the party arms came out of now where and grabbed me (no I have never seen and never want to see Carrie) into a room that was “inside” the wall. The arms just tied me to a chair. First I had tried to kick the wall with my feet. But the people couldn’t hear me because of the music being too lound. Then I tried to send a message by a captilar (sp?) but some party guests didn’t believe it and drove right over it.

    third Dream: I was at a playground at the top of a slide but I was still bound (tied) but this time not to a chair. The arms that got me in Dream 2 pushed me (I didn’t see them doing that but they must have) and as soon as I got to the bottom of a slide a passeryby noticed that I was bound up and stopped and helped me. She asked what was I doing being bound up and on a playground. I just told her what I knew.

    I’m waiting at a restaurant for someone (a male) my parents introduce me too. Several months later I dressed in a very werid outfit
    It has a bit of the western’s society of a wedding dress with some Hindu and other countries’ wedding outfits. When I not dreaming of that I dream of being a fairytale princess and I either a)eat a poisned apple or b)prick my finger on a spindle. But I wake up in RLF before getting kissed in the dream. Now and again I do the slipper thing or have a tail-but want legs thing or live in the castle with a beast. But all through the dreams both the princesses ones and the arranged marriage ones the song “Reflection” from the movie Mulan is always there. But when I do ask the other characters I’m enacting with they don’t/cant hear it. The song be in 7 out of 10 dreams.

    I was someplace outside a house that I am either unsure if it was some kind of old-fashion together or just a costume party. In the dream there was one girl I don’t remember what the she look like but she looked like pilgram “goodwife”. When she got to the steps of the house (the house was a pretty big house-a mansion practically) and the girls’ bonnet somehow chocked the girl to death. I could even hear her screaming. I somehow ended up inside the house. I was off to the side being a “wallflower”-I know, I know Pligrams didn't appreciate *sp?) dancing. You hear screaming again at the front and I was suddenly back outside and another girl was being chocked to death by her bonnet. Than I went back inside and you hear horse hoofbeats. A man who basically looked like the first Doctor Who (I mean in the oringal series-not the David Tennat and Mat Smith in the new series-and what he would have looked like in colour) was on the horse. He kind of took me as his “compian” for a couple of years in the dream (or that what it seemed to be to me). Than I ended up someplace with no clue how I got there. A guy (who I assume was some kind of bad guy was moving through a crowd of people at somekind of old fashion “sport”). Forget about whatever happens after that. But the next thing I knew I was falling through a celling (no I haven’t seen 2010 Alice). and the person who “caught” me (in a way) looked like the current Doctor. He checked to see if I was hurt and for some reason called the other man “Grandfather” (the one who looked like the first Doctor).

    Last Night I dreamed that I was in a house. I went into the kitchen and there was somebody at the kitchen table. I couldn’t tell if what gender the person was because their face was hidden by a ski mask. The person had a sundae on the table on his side. I conquer up another sundae using DC and the person distracted me. When my back was turn the person switched the 2 sundaes. I than started eatting what I thought was “My” sundae. I fell into a deep sleep.

    I in my dream had a dream that I was in a house and when I walked through the nursey in stead of ending up in a nanny’s bedroom I ended up in a garden/balcony. On this garden-balcony there was a table and at the table was someone who I realized was Mary Poppins. She had a cup of tea ready. I and Mary Poppins talked. I don’t remember all of the conversation. But Mary Poppins did ask one question which was this: “Who do you think is holding you back?” I said: “I think I am holding myself back”.

    I than awoke from my dream within-a dream. I did not know where I was but could tell I was in a jungle somewhere. I was tied up around a tree. I noticed/sense others were also tied up around a tree. I started trying to use DC to untie the rope. But when I was half-done one of the goons came over and noticed that my ropes were really lose but he assumed that whoever tied me up didn’t do a good job.

    The goon than put me into some line with the other kidnappees. I and the other kidnappees were chained up. I realized that somebody had to work fast because if we didn’t get free of these people, the kidnappees would be slaves someplace. So I used DC to unchain myself but somehow when I did that the other kidnappees’ chains also came off. I told the others to hide. I than turned my self invisble and had a force field around me. When another goon faced me (but didn’t know he was) I stretched one of my legs which got him in the gut. When the other goons saw what happened to a fellow goon. They just dropped their weapons. Since there is really no point in trying to defeat someone who one can’t see. I than tied all the goons up and also, still invisble, sneaked into the mastermind’s tent and put him with/ the goons.

    I than controlled a plane with the fellow kidnappees inside it back to the mainland. When on the plane I left a voice message on both FIB and CIAS stating that the goons and mastermind responsible for kidnapping people were tied up on an island. After making sure everyone could make their way home. I got myself home and sat down on a couch and watched the news.
    The newsreporter (who had been in another dream also on TV) said: “Today there been a interesting turn of events in the disappering peoples’ cases. Both the FBI and CIAS both got a voice message by a strange woman saying that all the disappered people are fine and the goons and mastermind responsible are tied up on the island. Could that woman please come forward? Also could the other disappered people come forward? ” That’s the end of the dream

    I had this dream I was in some kind of class-don’t have a clue what kind of class it was. But we were put into groups. The group I was 13 members-out of a 89-size or so class. My group looked every where for someplace to study. But we couldn’t find anywhere to study-because a lot of people in my dream-except my group members were superstitious about the #13.

    So the teacher of the class (who looked identical to my crappy teacher) found a spot in a very werid libarary on the top floor underneath a sign saying “table 13″ and the creepy part was the stairs were made out of metal and all the floors were made out of glass the top floor you could see right through to the bottom floor which scared the crapp out of me since I have a fear of heights. But we were missing one person the 13th person we heard someone cry out and raced to the railing and saw that the 13th member was drowning in the fountain we tried racing downstairs to the fountian but didn’t get there in time. I thought “ah oh sounds like another case of ‘And Than there was None’ “.

    But each time something happened to a member of my group the teacher just put another person in the group. After a couple of days of this I then had enough and decided to bring a cat to the next meeting since I read about a restaurant that when they have groups of 13 they offer a cat to be the 14th guest. This is where the dream ended.

    July 2010
    I was like at a hospital. I was looking at some kind of werid instrument. It’s hard for me to explain what the instrument was. It had 2 big metal upside down containers that were both connect together by a see-through tube. A nurse put a child (girl) into the left container. and started moving some levels (supposedly) and red stuff appear in the other container-I think it was blood but was unsure. Than the nurse moved some more levels and the red stuff disapper but the girl was surrounded by green stuff. But the nurse didn’t move the one container all the way down so the girl slipped out of the container when the nurse’s back was turn. The Nurse had to catch her and she did but when they were just about to continue whatever was happening when the girl died. Than the screen wiped to a doctor giving red stuff to some eldery people. He was talking to some other doctors in the room about the girl from the other part of the hosptial saying that she died.

    I was somewhere a kind of school/home/outdoor mall/aracde/theatre kind of place. I was suppose to meet people through a door near the back of the werid place. On my way back there I passed someone who helped a teacher in highschool. She was having lunch (or tea at an indoor patio) but I didn’t stay at all since I was almost late for whatever I was going too. I found the door and the room was huge-twice the times of my high school’s drama classroom. The room’s length was 25 m by 10m. But the room had a bit of a homey feel. Everybody was on the floor but all of them were people ( the carpet was red and the walls were green). I knew people in my dream from my elementary school and/or high school (I could tell who was who just because of skin colour&hair) but they left a spot for me on the floor. People were playing with a ball –I believe it was a soccer ball.

    Than the room changed to the outdoors and we started playing soccer (it was girls vs. boys). My team won-even though I wasn’t the captain of the team-but I did play in the game. I was the one who scored the winning goal the Captin of my team congratulates me. The boy team said the next time we play I should be on their team. But I said this: “Kate choose me for her team. So a team that plays together stays together.”

    The Room changed back into the homey-feel room and all of us were dressed in costumes. I have no idea why that was. We started throwing candy stuff around. I got something werid kind of like an Easter Egg but not an easter egg it was made to look like a skeleton (like Day of the Dad candy that people have way down south). But I blinked and it was gone the next second. Our costumes mysteriously vanished and then we started playing with a remote control car each of us was to have a turn.

    Than the unseen teacher or whatever the person told us there was a play we were going to perform in. So she gave us all parts-but I like usually-(I should have seen it coming) got a boy/man part. Lockers suddenly appear behind us-its like the room was the RofR ((Room of Requirment)). We went to the lockers with our names on it. All I got was a maroon sweater. Which I put on than I got transported to the aracde area of the wacky place. I was with someonee else. But I was praticing my lines the person I was with said I should not have gotten this part it should have gone to someone else. I woke up just after this happened.

    I was someplace. We were at a huger version of my maternal grandparents place. There was like a reunion going on. All of my cousins except a half-cousin was there.I was eating chips with dip when suddenly a small (8 year old) version of my mom’s family “baby brother” (my other uncle) appeared-but the real person and his wife were there (I think the small version is suppose to be an adopted-the real uncle&his wife has no kids either adopted or not). But this small version was super enthusiastic and went around shaking all his new cousins’ hands. I was jealous since I had always been the baby of the extended family.

    I was waiting in cold, snowy weather for a bus-not a city bus but a coach bus. The bus came and picked me and some other people who were waiting for the same bus. But what like it seem half-way through the trip something happened-maybe a fight or something? Just before the 2 people sat back down-I reached over across the aisle-(I thought the person across the aisle was the person responsible for whatever happened but he wasn’t) and put a hooky-do thing onto a screw or something and the person turned into an identical version of the other guy who was sitting up at the front 3 aisles in front of me-which when I realized my mistake and I was embarrassed.
    The next thing I knew the bus was at a hotel with a fountain out front. It was a very expensive hotel. The two identical males started fighting with each other when they were still outside (they were both big-headed). When that was happening the rest of us went into the hotel. We were told to meet at the pools by 3:00. It was 3:00 and we meet by the pools and the (inscrutor/counselor/whatever she was?) called out are names-mind you we were all wearing swim suits (women were wearing swim suits when the men who were there were wearing trunks). We were missing a couple of people beside the two identical big-head males). Suddenly someone who looked like my (in the head) version of Rita Skeeter (Harry Potter character first appeared in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and than again in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix) appeared. She was looking at all of us but for some reason her eyes always kept coming back to focus on me.


    I was in a car ( All I knew was my goal was to ask a movie producer to make my dreams into movies). I stopped at a Swiss Chalet restaurant. I order Caser sald and Chicken on a Kaiser and Iced Tea. While waiting for my food to arrive guess who came in? Kermit
    He ask: “What are you doing in these parts?” I replied: “I am trying to find a producer to produce my dreams into movies. I knew they will have to embrioded it to explain the one chase scene and the kidnapping scenes.” Kermit said: “What is it that was in the one movie of my friends and mine?” I said: “The Muppet Movie? ‘Life is like a movie, write your own ending. Keep believing, keep pretending’. ” Kermit said: “yeah that. Well I am pretty impressed about your goal. if you need a hand to get your dreams off the ground into a movie just give me a call.” (he gave me his phone number). I than got back into the car. I than ended up at pressumbly Hollywood. The Office Administrative Assistant tried to stop me but I said “I came all the way from Canada and not going to let someone`s Office Administrative Assistant stop me.” I than marched right in to the producer`s room. The Producer ( Adrian James) said: “Can I help you?” I replied “Yes you can help me. I want to make my dreams into a movie.

    I came all the way from Canada and I passed Kermit who was impressed about my goal and said if I need help to get this off the ground to contact him” Mr. James using a intercom said: “Please prepare the standard Rich and Famous contract for Ms. Doe.” “Mr. James. I am worried about being kidnapped.” Mr. James said: “We will hire a body guards for you.” Than I appear outside the studio and guessed who appears again? Kermit and this time he is with Miss Piggy. I woke up shortly after this

    This is the cointuation of the “Trying to find producer to make dreams into movie dream.” A limousine pulled up and the chauffeur said that he was for Ms. Doe. I said “I would like to get in to the limousine but I can’t really trust anyone.” I went to the nearest covience store. I told the cashier “I would like 58 Lotto tickets please.” After getting the tickets, I went outside and I had a dream premotion vision (like fortune telling but its in a dream with no cystral balls, tea, or cards or any other fortune telling object.)

    Vision 1:

    I was in a dark room. I was tied up I couldn’t tell if I was in a chair or what-but since I didn’t appear to be sitting I wasn’t in a chair. But my hands not only were they tied. They were also shackled (but not to the each other but to the wall or to the metal bars of the bed-or whatever)-I tried to get out of the ropes but I couldn’t. A camera video-phone was pointing at me. The kidnappers sent some kind of message with/ a video of me to the producer. *end of vision*

    I went back to Adrian’s office and in the short time I was away he had hired two bodyguards. They were plainscloth bodyguards. (Adrian told me later that he also asked Kermit&Company to just check up on me now and then) Than Adrian asks: “Would you like to stay at my place?” I said: “Sure.” Adrian said: “Um. I am having a party tonight would you mind being my date?” I replie: “No I don’t mind being your date. But only problem is where am I going to get a fancy dress?” He said: “I knew the perfect person to make Wedding. What I mean was fancy dresses. ” I just raised my eyebrow and said: “Yeah Who or what animal? NO don’t tell me Miss Piggy?” Adrian’s mouth just dropped opened. “Yeah she works at the nearest Onlygowns shop.Tellthem to put it on Mr. Adrain’s credit charge” I went there and got the (green) Beaded Waist Silk Chiffon Dress dressed finished in 5 mintues. As my thoughts were wandering I had the last vision for (that night).

    Vision 2
    I was still in the dark room tied and shackled. But the kidnappers were coming in the door with a meal for me. They undid the shackles and the hand ropes. I ate what seemed to be Aunt Jermina’s Griddlecakes which meant they had a microwave somewhere in the house. As I was eatting they sent another video. But this time they got a reply from Adrian. Adrian said “How are we going to figure out how to do Anne’s movie if Anne is in your hidden house?” I asked the kidnappers (while wipping my mouth) “May I talk?” the kidnappers nodded. I said to the camera video-conference “How about this: I go to the ‘shoot’ whatever scenes needed to be shoot that day and when the day is done. I will go to the end of the parking lot and one of these guys come pick me up? I promise I wouldn’t try to escape.” The kidnappers and Adrian on the other end of the ‘line’ mused about it for 5 seconds and than Adrain said: “Its fine with me. But don’t know if its fine with them though.” The kidnappers reply “it is fine with us too.” Adrain just asked one last question: “Anne dear are they treating you alright?” I replied “Yes they are treating me alright They give me 3 meals a day and exercise in the afternoons and late evenings.” Adrian than loggs off.

    I was dropped off again and right after the car left, Jane came out. She asks “Anne what kind of problem will arise if Adrain tells the police that you were kidnapped?” I reply: “Probably unwilling suspension.” She looked at me strangely “What?” “When a prisoner is suspened from the celling. bye.” Talked some more with Adrian he is still trying to convience me to escape. I was back in the prison-house. I had a vision that I somehow was able to take the kidnappers’ masks off and they were bullies I knew from when I was younger (the later playing a part in previous dreams.) I gasped in the vision. I than in the dream “Real Life” I used their real names.

    They almost dropped the video camera. But figure out that I just saw their uncovered faces in a vision. I than asked “Why don’t you just ask for a ransom? I believe Mr. James is pretty rich since he was able to host a combination dinner and evening party. Not to mention a lot of servants.” They than sent a video demanding $50 million ransom in exchange for my return. Suddenly they heard sirens and since they were afraid it was police they tried to put a gag in my mouth to prevent me screaming but I made them think that if they had the windows closed that if I screamed it would be as useless as trying to scream in a slient movie. It was just a fire 3 houses down from us.

    They turned on the TV and again Jane appeared. A severant on the TV who was shaking neverlousy said: “I s..a..w t..w..o m..e..n w one of the..s..e m..e..n had a body over hi..s houlder. I am only talking now so police knew that my m.a.s.ter isss innocent of the disapperence of the woman. I als..so ssaw my masster trying to turn the lights back on with the power stwitch-the ballroom was the only room the lights went off in.” The severant went off-screen. The next mintue you see Adrian walking to the bank and getting money out of it. He than dropped off the suitcase at a drop-off point. Jane suddenly re-appeared “It seems like Ms. Doe has been (I tried to telepathcy tell her not to mention I was kidnapped) you guys can probably guess what happened to her.”

    was sleeping in my dream and I heard T. and P. (Kidnappers 1&2) talking to their “Master” and with the racket they were making they were bowing every second word. “Master” says ” the police found two hairs that don’t match Adrian’s hair and are becoming hot on T &P’s trail.” The “Master” suggested his in-America castle.

    *Next day*
    After I was dropped off I hissed to Jane: “How much money did Adrian put in the suitcase. Its imporant.” Jane asks: “Why is it so imporant?” I reply: “If it is $30 million the kidnappers will think I am an easy target and ask more money for me.” Jane replys: “Its $25 million. Is it true the kidnappers say they were going to realize you and will this come true?” “Yes they were planning to release me but I doubt it will come true. I would inform him about money ransom myself but he is being watched.”

    I than went to talk about my dreams into movie plot. When there were a couple of hours left I encourage him to talk about his life. He tells me that this isn’t the first time he was suspected in a person’s disapperance. His parents disappered when he was 18 and their only child was Adrian (the studio belonged to Adrian’s dad) and he was away at boarding school at the time of the parents’ disapperance. As soon as I knew their was no one watching I says: “Adrian the kidnappers and their ‘Master’ are planning to move me today to the ‘Master’s castle. ” Adrian says: “They promised to let you guy” I just reply “Whatever you do. Do NOT try to come and save me.”

    I went back to the house. First the kidnappers had to erase any evidence of anyone been living there. Just before we leave Adrian shows up with a gun at the door. P. who was closest to me grabbs me and threatens my life at gunpoint. Adrian says: “Unhand her./ You promised to let her go….” and P. says: “We lied. And if you want her to live you either get in the car with her or you leave this bulding by the count of 19 or she goes ‘bye-bye’. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4… 5… 6… 7…8..9…10″ Adrian: “Alright I will leave.”.

    I am forced in the car I asked what kind of ropes and shackles these are that DC can’t be used on them but I can still conjure up a sundae. I am taken to “Master” ‘s castle. The kidnappers insists I do the ‘proper’ bow (forced to be on the floor bow). The “Master” (who look like a collection of different human villians) tells his maidseverants to bathe me. He than insitsts that I wear a skimpy outfit (with chains). He than invites Adrian for supper. As I am setting the table for supper I notice the kind of chairs that are at the dinning room table. When it is supper time. I shake my head to tell me not to sit down. He than tricks “Master” into a chair. I with other severants change the chairs to “normal” ones. I learned later the other females were also kidnapped and were jealous that I had someone to try to save me. After I ate supper. I was sent to do some chore and than I came back and heard the Adrian and “Master” settling on 7 Impossible Tasks.

    The next day I was tied up and put on a super-fast horse like I was a sack of food and I have no clue if Adrian can get me out of (or off) this task (Task 1). I woke up after this

    June 2011:
    I dreamed I was in Africa (wild) with my friends and we discovered an orphaned lion cub about a day old. The cub’s pride wasn’t seen anywhere near by. So There only seemed to be one choice: turn into lionesses ourselves. Even though we knew that there’s was a risk in doing it. Having half-human, half-lion/cat babies if male lions become TOO friendly. We did become lioness The most ironic thing was out of the 3 lioness, I was the best hunter (which is ironic when I barley know how to cook).

    The dream started out in one of those rooms you expect to see a villain in (aka Lex Luthor,etc) with someone who looked like the leader of the villain. For some reason the leader wanted his henchmen to kidnapped me no matter what it took. One of his henchmen said there’s a problem with that. “The problem is Superman called a meeting of superheros (and superheriones) at Batman’s place, probably to tell them to keep an eye on/protect “Anne” (me). Than a man came in the door with scratches on his face and neck. “Oh!! That!!! That!!! WOMAN!!” (referring to me..I and three men in another dream, turned into wolves and attacked him). Then the leader, sent some other of his henchmen out. I ran as far as I could and somehow ended up at Bruce Wayne/Batman’s Mansion and I knew it was a *safe* house for me (even though I was unaware of the superhero meeting going on there till Alfred announced me (for someone who doesn’t read comic books I certainly do know a lot about the Superheroes). I suddenly had this brain storm to first send three black animals outside (I’m counting on the fact that the henchmen might be superstitious) the three animals are: cat, dog, and horse and then to dress up as the Grim Reaper. I did both and I scared the henchmen away for now.

    I dreamed I was In one of the local plazas near by. In the drug store. I bumped into some one who looked almost identical to me expect for the fact that she was very superficial. For one thing she wore make-up, and was wearing high heels (and I do neither). 2 other copies of me also appeared the only difference was one me had blond hair, and the other me had brown-ish hair. I had the gut feeling NOT to look into their eyes. I raced out of the drug store and next door there was a store that’s not there any more in RLF and this store had clothing racks outside so I hid behind one of the clothing racks. And the 3 others me just went past yet I know they were looking for me. Next thing I know. I AM my superficial self and I with my 2 other superficial selfs and we were in the mall getting smoothies. Next thing I know I’m in what looks like a University classroom (with white walls and the only colour being the professor’s desk) still as my superficial self with the other 2 selfs and we still had our smoothies. We were talking too much with each other to pay attention to what the professor was saying (but I think cake was mentioned once)

    I was a boy (kind of) and I was on some kind of Indiana Jones adventure and we (I was with older people) we in a dessert but in this area of the dessert we stopped in there were huge holes. And suddenly flashes of green light came down. And after the entire adults disappeared.. “I” (the boy) started acting like a dog and started filling the holes.

    Next I was female again ( think Nancy Drew-I was with 2 other girls in the dream who look exactly like Bess&George) we were going on a vacation of some sort. We got the one house. But (we) had to climb up a tree when another car pulled up. There were 2 people-both were female. One was an older woman but with blond hair and the other one was maybe 7 or 8 I think . This girl was wearing a sort-of Alice outfit-only difference was this girl’s outfit was entirely polka dots. But the older women was muttering about them going on vacation and had identical keys to the ones I knew I had in my purse. The girl noticed us in the tree and go over to talk with us. But just as the dream ended I noticed there were shackles or rope tied around her hands.

    At first I was dreaming of being in Treasure Island (I could tell because the “cook” had a peg leg-major give away). Then the dreamed changed. I was at a harbour-sp? and I was two kids. A boy. Henry, and a girl, Eleanor. But the dream was mostly from Henry’s point-of-view. Eleanor was “missing” and I (as Henry) was looking all over the place for her. I stopped at the ticket place (you know to buy tickets for cruises?) and the odd thing was the person selling the tickets had the look of a ship’s Captain then of a ticket seller. The captain told me something (that I have now forgotten) and I found the girl Eleanor-she was locked into a trunk (no not the Car kind of trunk-the other kind-the old-fashion kind) I just let her out and the bad guys (who looked oddly like the Wet Bandits from Home Alone) got us. They tied our hands behind our backs and found an even bigger trunk and locked us in to it.

    July 2011:
    I had this dream I got this “talking” poster and it went right over the middle of my bed and saw two kids who were about 10 years old..one looked like Harry Potter and the Other looked like Ron Weasly and between the two was an adult who looked kind of like Argus Filch (Hogwarts caretaker?) and kid Harry asked me if the background of the poster was getting dark and I said yes and then the next part is they shut up and then the image changed (but still on the poster) to THE motorcycle (Sirius” Motorcycle) complete with noise.

    August 2011
    I had this dream I was in a Nancy drew computer game-that doesn't exist-as Nancy Drew. I was in a big old-fashion kitchen in a house in I think California and though a door to a study I was talking to someone and the words “Don’t go up to Silcone Valley” and I asked “Why? Don’t tell me the other criminals are there?” then the woment laughed evily (she laughed so evily that my real’s self ears were rining with the laughter) . Then I was wobbly roller-skating as Nancy w/ George and Bess behind me and they told me to be carefully-since they could see something I couldn’t…a boulder that was moving NOT of its own free will. The boulder somehow missed me but I ended up knocking into a tree. I was alright. But then I went into the cliff but this time I had to put a weird shape rock (triangle) into a slot in the cliff and the inside of the cliff looked like my elementary school that-no-longer-exists’ gym and it was getting ready for a banquet or something and me still with roller skates on I was skating across it in the kind of Home Alone way.. trying to crash into anyone. But one of the people who I saw was my church’s parish nurse.

    I had this dream last night I was a very young girl. I was sent to a boarding school. The boarding school from the inside looked like a castle because it was made of stone (and it was a co-ed boarding school). The first thing that happened was I met the headmaster of it. He told me a bunch of the school’s rules but this was the one that got me—No vitamins allowed. I then left the room. Somehow the bookcase behind the desk killed the headmaster by moving. I was at supper next. When eating supper the ghost of the headmaster appear (no the school wasn't Hogwarts) and everyone could see the ghost. Then we were all suppose to go downstairs (we were upstairs to eat?) to watch something and me and some new friends (one was a boy a couple of years older who looked a bit like The Secret Garden’s Dickens) and he and one other kid help me take my vitamins in secret. But to toss my water (from my cup) out the window “Dickens” hold me up to the window.


    Sept 2011
    I was in some kind of theme park..I don’t know really. I was there with my sister.. and I think the ride went wrong or something.. the ride was something like the Studio tram tours? So everyone (which for some strange reason was only sister and I) had to “finish” the ride on foot. Sis got a bit worried about this one point a cave that had a very high tide coming in. We managed to get across fine. When we turned the corner there was this Audio-Animatronic and when I went past it the Animatronic turned and “looked” at me the eyes glowed red.. and in the room that sis and I just went in..was something similar to an aquarium. end of dream.

    First one I was on a bus (I mean a public bus) going somewhere and it seems like the (Caucasian) driver could change the bus into a toolbox and according to him he had “forgotten” a person he had in the bus/toolbox ( I saw it in one of those “flashbacks” “Couldn't we have a flashback without the room going wobbly?” I think Sabrina of Sabrina the Teenage Witch says in a episode) )and the next thing I know I’m in a building that’s made of wood (it looked from what I could see of it something Pioneery) on the floor (I think I was ill or something),o and there’s is another man (he looked a bit Caucasian but I think he might have been Creole too) is over top of me taking care of me (its interesting how men/boys play important roles in my dreams when I have no romantic interests ((besides a crush))in RLF) you know the sponge business you see in stories? and a couple come into the room/building and said something like this “Didn't you want to go see our (their) Hindu temple?” but the man said “No not today” since he was busy taking care of me. Then an explosion happens and I’m outside of the building (which looked like a hotel from either the Golden Rush or the Wild West) in the air and I put a handkerchief up to my nose and when I look at kerchief it has blood on it. dream ends.

    Second dream.
    I was in the past. Sometime when they had big dresses and also wigs..so that could be almost any time. I was waiting outside the mansion in a carriage …and I was wearing one of those big dresses and a wig and a man who I guess was in a Footman’s outfit of I think the same period and hurrys me inside and I hear someone (who sounded an awfully lot like the Current Queen Elizabeth with a mix of Queen Victoria) say “I hope she doesn't forget my last name” and I say “Windsor”

    Dream 1:
    I was in a restaurant that looked like a Bistro, but just with a tiled floor instead of a carpeted one, with weird rules like “no chairs on the speed bumps”. i was having supper with a man and a woman at the table across from us, kept glaring at us like I was a “boyfriend stealer” after that the man and I went into a car and somehow there was a crash and the next thing I know i woke up in an hospital..and was told I was the only survivor of the car crash which killed both the “boyfriend” and the “jilted girlfriend”.

    Dream 2:
    Same restaurant expect this time it seemed to have been placed in my grandparents’ home. I guess I just got married it seems since I saw a glimpse of a veil on my head and at the reception. There was an obese woman with a young kid and then there was someone who looked like a former librarian at my library and the obese woman asked me to move..and the other woman said something rude (I can’t remember what she said) but I got very angry said “I’m going to go eat in the dinning room by myself” even though my parents who were there pleaded me to stay at the table.

    3rd dream (dream I had before):
    I seem to be in my grandparents’ house and my grandparents aren't the ones who own it (In the dream) but a middle-age man and wife. I was in the kitchen (with two other people) …(Technically I should say that besides me..there were the “dream owners”, the two people in the kitchen with me, and two in the living room who got knocked out or something but the last two tried to grab me) and I do something and somehow people came through the door of the kitchen and it was like a indoor version of the famous chase scene from Oliver Twist..just that I wasn't caught..the other 4 people were. I guess a couple of years later I go back to the same house..and..I use the kitchen’s sink, and the “dream owners” now elderly came rise up from nowhere in slow motion, and the woman had a flying pan. But instead of hitting me, They made me a pot of tea

    At first I was dreaming I was with my Girlfriends and we are on a ferry. We went to this weird island which has a city. We end up in a “bad” part of the city and had a picnic in an abandoned Parking lot. The sky wasn't sunny, stormy, nor was it night. The sky was just grey. Then in the same part of city I see the “Doctor” of Doctor Who. He goes to sleep. Then when he wakes up I see through his eyes. He can’t move his hands since even though it looks like they aren’t tied..they are tied. A dalek appeared for a second it was coming out of the washroom area (all I saw were stalls), and when I looked around the room a bit more I saw it look like a cross being a hospital, a waiting area at an airport, and a washroom. Right behind the seats I see payphones in the middle payphone there’s a young red-headed woman wearing a Tiley hat talking on the phone. In another part of the room I see 4 of those “Baby-Think-It-Over dolls but the thing is they weren’t being cared for by teens is what is suppose to happen.but by machines.

    October 2011:
    I had a dream which involved my friends and I. At first we were playing around despite our ages, joy-riding on the stairs of my home ( no one except old school mates of mine have seen the inside of my home–None of my current Girlfriends have). But there was a voice like a Steward’s voice on an airplane that said the normal airline message. Not to mention we had to wear seatbelts on the stair-plane. We ended up in someone’s garden. We got off the stair-plane and wander around the garden and we find this hairy man (I will just call him * “Adam” for the rest of the time he shows up) and took him inside the nearby house (which for some reason was a complete replica of my parents’ house, almost every detail was the same-the one of the differences was his house only had the one computer I think–but then I only saw the library and a bit of the dinning room in the dream and the dinning room was something you would have expect from medieval area.. Lumière type of candle holders). Adam had one servant a tea-cup named “Chip” who looked like he had step out of the Disney movie “La Belle and the Bete” (The Beauty&the Beast). Adam for some reason spent a lot of time on the computer in the library ( is this “Adam” another male aspect of myself-since my parents complain about me spending 18 hours a day on the computer?) I go into the garden again and this time in the same spot I found “Adam” I found another male..this one seemed to look identical to Disney’s “The Princess and the Frog” Prince Naveen. I somehow got the strength I don’t have in Real Life and flung? him over my shoulder and carried him inside the house.

    dream changes:
    I’m “in” a book (can’t remember any lines in the book-expect it was a sequel to another *pretend* book..it had to do with shadows I think I also remember there was a Puck-like figure too who was my “guide” in the story )then the “camera” seemed to move out of the book to where I’m sitting reading the book at the dinning room table. Mom (who is at the table too) asks me about it and I tell her..I never finished this dream since I got woken up by my sister’s dogs barking.

    I’m confused about what order I dreamed in..I was first was dreaming about buying Beatrix Potter’s Hilltop farm..in the modern world to get away from my parents.. but that’s dream is not important.

    these two other dreams are important:

    I was playing in the living room (the TV is in the family room) which is at the front of my house. I just happened to look out the front window and I saw this black cart (reminds me of something from history..but can’t remember what). Mom came into the room. I told her “”cart, Cart, CART!! is here” and for some reason my sister went rushing out the front door, with Smudge..a black Cocker Spaniel.

    the the dream changed
    All I know is I was at a mall in a store. I was waiting near the cash register for mom who had dashed into another store. But I can’t remember anything about the store.

    Dream 1:
    I was in my room at night. I was trying to turn on my alarm (I use the alarm clock Mondays-Fridays to make sure I walk up at 11am) but something was wrong with it. I accidental turned it on. My sister comes into the room. end of dream 1

    Dream 2:

    I was in a throne room in a building in what seemed to be Roman Empire times. I was an emperor. There were 2 women and one child (a girl) who were telling me I somehow did something wrong. Then the scene switched to the hallway of the *building* and I saw horse statues. but each of them were “different”..they were missing parts..(I.e. one statue was missing a leg of a horse, another one was missing the arm of the rider) and when I the scene switched back to the first scene..the building was crumbling..down like an Major Earthquake was happening.

    Dream 3:
    I was an Chinese student and I was with a school group and we were in a museum and we were around a electronic camp fire. .Everyone except myself were singing the song. A weird-looking man came out of nowhere…and asked us to do something. We just started to do it when I woke up.

    I was a boy about 17 years of age. I had a sister who was 13 but looked like she was 8. (Did I mention this dream-sister had blond hair?). I guess we were orphans..we were in bed in an apartment room. We go to sleep I got “transported” to a museum of some kind. I could tell my sister was near by but she wasn't with me. When I looked around I saw..her floating on a bed 20m from where I was. I started racing after it. I got stopped by a cave-bridge of some kind. I asked a person who was little the quickest way to get up to the bridge..he said the steps near by. I raced up the steps (there were only 3) and got to the top of the steps..and right after the bridge there was this room. It was big and in the middle of the room there was..my sister still on the “floating bed” but several other “little” people were building something around her..they got like 3 walls done before I came in and now both the sister (who was glowing gold), and the “building” (was glowing red/gold mix) were glowing. I got very mad and I looked down at my hands..and they too were glowing..(gold) and I smashed down the wall. Dreamed ended

    The same dream started up again but the only difference this time is that I went to the front of the cave thing and there was I guess water dribbler timer for water in the front of the cave-bridge.When I got there it was in the middle of dribbling water (4 lines arroccs the entrace) and when it was done..the timer said 9mins before It started again.

    Nov. 2011
    I was on a boat (a Cruise ship). I was in a room with bunkbeds. .I had just removed my shoes and put them underneath a desk in the room. A person I know just came into the room and sits down on the bottom bunk. But at that moment the ship started swaying VERY badly..but the strange thing is–it was sunny outside. Then the dream scene shifted to the same person &I racing down a terminal to a plane (I have no shoes on). We just manged to catch the plane and go to our seats. When the plane was on the runway..two mice who look like Gus and Jaq, are racing down the runway and Gus just is able to get to the wheel before it takes off. The plane went kind of wonky.. and the camera showed me that..there was no pilot or co-pilot in the cockpit. So I rushed into the cockpit and flew the plane..straight into a hangar. (the only thing I’m sure off is the shoes&desk is a metaphor about me spending to much time at a computer and not enough time outside)

    I was in a mansion, in a room which was all white..it had 4 pianos. Each one had a different “sound” to it. One on the far left, sounded like it hadn’t been tuned for awhile. Well the one on the opposite side was a bit too loud. I was playing the former piano and I notice a ghost coming towards me. It looked like however she had died she died in her bedroom. When she got close enough I saw her have RED eyes.

    i was on a subway with mom. We were at the stop she want us to get off at. Somehow I lost her and had to walk through the entire subway train to get off. Two women, looking like two people I knew helped me get off the subway and up an escalator. Before we got outside, we passed a shoe store with a moral of princesses (not Disney). One side of the store had shoes outside of it and the plaque above it said “Peggy’s shoes”. I did find mom eventually.

    i had this dream..Frollo was in a mill. he started doing magic and turned into a genie-sp?..well the magic he did was a very odd tornado..which had lightening in the tornado..but at the top of it was a skull..but this skull had 4 horns (2 on each side of the head), the mill changed for a couple of mintues to fast-food drink container. Genie-Frollo lifted the torando (like it was a straw) and put it into the hole of the drink container Then Frollo and the mill reverted back to normal… and I saw a glimpse of underneath the mill.there was gargoyles trying to move some kind of wheel.. but for some reason it wasn’t working…
    the scene reverted to outside..I saw a glimpse of myself..and I saw I was wearing a green shirt (but I wasn’t Quasi). Well a crowd of people came by..but all but 2 were blurred. These were Esmerlda and Phobeus
    I guess before the stuff I just wittiness. I was somehow injuries..(since I saw an arrow nearby me.). the last thing I knew is that I mentioned to Esmerlda that Frollo was trapped in the mill (since I heard the rest of the crowd wanted to torch the place).

    Jan 2012
    At first I was reading the paper and there was an article about a girl/woman who went missing and her remains were found in the back of a van outside a hotel. Than I was somewhere else.. I think a castle/museum..well it seems like I had walked into an office when a robbery was going on. They saw me and told me to sit down in the corner. I did so. I was really frightened. They took me with them when they left. Than I was at church for the “anniversary” of the church. I was late..so I had to sit with a dark-skin family..(I guess something like that mom, dad and eldest son who is on trial for killing 3 daughters and another wife referred to publicly as “auntie”). The Rev lighted the candles on the “stage”? Than I was a detective..looking at a box of jewellery. That box still had jewellery but all but one piece was a fake. All the jewellery was donated by Queen Victoria. Someone in the dream (not me) said that it seemed like Queen Victoria was a crook too.

    I was on a road at night. I was passing a lot of houses. I stop in front of a building which was something between an abandon train station and a (abandon) school. There was a man there I believe was claiming to be a janitor..since its the only job he could get because of a past that he had been charged with crimes he didn’t do. I believed that story at first. I went into the station-school since he let me in to get warm. The inside of the station looks like a school there was a desks,etc and there was a VCR player and TV too. The guy turned on the TV and the VCR and a video started playing.. “My Crimes” and it showed me all the crimes he done.. I was thinking “Why is the guy showing me this?” I even asked why he was showing me it. He said something like “Because you wouldn’t be leaving here alive.” and when he was talking he had been putting a knife to my throat.I did get really scared at that moment. At that moment there was a sound at the (outside) door and he pushed me into a closet and locked me in there.

    dream changed:
    I was a man (in RLF I’m a woman), I was travelling with one other man, and a blond woman (I’m a red-head in RLF).We were all sharing an aparment when travelling and the other man was already at the table eatting cereal. I had just sat down to open up the ceral box and when I did..there were too ceral bags.. 1)was a more “healthy” Cearal and the other one was Fruit Loops.

    scene changes..
    I’m in the bedroom in the same apartment (everything in that apartment is white).. I’m still a man, I’m on a cell (which is something I don’t have in RLF), there is a woman’s voice on it kept saying “Its me Emma”. I had no clue who “Emma” was/is. The next thing I know I’m watching a news item and it said something about a shoot out around the apartment building we’re in. (It had a red outside and non-fire escape stairs to the ground).

    Feb 2012
    I woke up in what seem to be dank and dreary-sp? room. In the room was a throne on the throne was Maleficent. There might have been other (Disney) villains but my attention was mostly focused on Maleficent. She made this long winded speech…but I only got “You (me) will happy us (them/her) on the way to greatness”. I refused. She got out her medivalish wand and said “Cruio”. I resisted. She just told them to tie me up. But I fight back..I woke up before anything else could happen.
    I was in castle nursery there were Disney princesses pics all around the nursery (it was an all-girls nursery) I was their nanny it seems. I was kind of a magical kind of nanny and I could make the Disney princesses come to “life”. Well it was sunny day and the girls and the Disney princesses and I were outside at an pinic table having a pinic. Then the scene changed and I know its the same dream. I was seeing Disney villians watching what I and the girls, and disney princess were doing via a TV (an old tv at that) and they said “kill them”. Then it switched back to me and I said exactly those words. But I covered my mouth after realizing what I had said. The Disney princess and the girls just stared at me shocked.

    I had a dream that I was an animal at a party at “The Bear in the big blue house” TV show. Something about a tape..and then it changed to a cross between two other kids’ tv shows Franklin the turtle and Timothy goes to School.” I was a fox.. and somehow in the woods I got “stuck” in the snow near a waterfall. I was trying to get out of it. Only after I asked for help from two other people did the snow melt and I was able to get out if it

    March 2012
    I had a dream I was on a very weird trolley-subway. Mom and I had gotten on to the trolley subway and we started seeing all these rhymes about people who “died”. Can’t remember any of them. I just remember one of the rhymes the person died just by jumping out of her pants. Mom and I got off at a station we were heading towards the turnsile in one direction (to get out) and someone I knew was heading to get in.
    the rhymes would be like the rhymes you would see in the graveyard at the Haunted Mansion in Disney Parks.

    In the dream itself I saw 6 out of the 7 dwarves tied up (and they seem to be underground). There was a shot above on the manhole cover and the 7th Dwarf was sleeping on top of it. Well I don’t know what happened. But we got out and I somehow ended up on something that was a cross between the Magic School Bus and a public bus. Well on the bus there was like clones of characters from the Magic School Bus TV show and the futher back on the bus I want..the clones hair started to look weird (one of the characters, had like 70s/80s hair style. The bus stopped in a swamp area and that’s when I woke up.

    It started in the my dad’s history and civil classroom at the local high school. Well someone I knew (who is a year younger than me) was doing a presentation but I wasn't paying attention since i was worried about something else. I remember running away with supplies and I somehow ended up in the library room at my church. Somewhere in the dream (but after the presentation scene) I was kidnapped. How do I know? I looked down and my hands were tied with rope.

    1st dream I was sitting on a metal deck outsides a tower which was surrounded by water. I got up and I started being chased around the tower by a man. I know I shouldn’t go into the tower. But I ended up at one point going into the tower (which looked like a classroom). Which trapped me in the tower. There were other girls there tied up. I got tied up too. But I managed to untie myself. Then the chase happened again. But this time I dived into the water.

    2nd dream (I have never watched horror movies).
    I was at a store. I was buying DVDs. I brought this very creepy-looking horror movie. It was like Scooby Doo swallowed a Museum. The friend I was with mentioned a movie called Beetlejuice. dream ended.

    3rd dream
    I was going to visit a poorer country. I was excited. When I got there. I just couldn't stand being there. For one thing. I did visit a a school. The rest thing I remembered was trying to figure out what time it would have been back home.

    July 2012:
    I can only remember the second part since I woke up between the too parts. All I can remember was there was a a ghost that was clownish and an Alice-in-Wonderland like maze. In the second part I was driving a car and I stopped at like a farmer’s stall on the side of the road to pick something and the woman in charge of the stall mention something about ghosts in their house. I could see that the front door of their house was blue but we didn’t go in that door but went in a side door which was white. It took us to a conservatory but after passing though an overhead passageway. In the conservatory, there was a spiral staircase (wide&white). I went in front of the other woman (who had blonde hair) and I was practically zooming down the stairs, and something happened to the woman, but I don’t know what happened, but when I turned the next corner of the room, the woman was already downstairs but when she turned to look at me, she had like big clownish eyebrows, and a punch of Clownish makeup and because of the whole “clown” make up, I knew she was dead.

    Sept 2012
    In the first dream I was on what appeared to be an old fashioned ship..I think one that was called a Galleon. It was a sunny day with no clouds in sight. I was talking to one of the crew members and he mentioned “Below deck” wasn't what I would think it would be. I go down there and I seem to have appeared..in something out of Doctor Who. There was underground chambers and from what I could tell, the chambers’ walls had Greek writing on them. I go back up and continue talking to the man. He mentions that a former crew mate got lost down there and she still hasn't been found. I go back down and for some reason..something has happened and I as an Onlooker see a chase going on and at least one person is wearing an outfit similar to the one Rory wore in Season 1,&3 of Smith’s DW and well somehow I ended up in a tent..which appeared to have someone who looked l identical to River Song and she appeared to be under a magical memory charm and then a toy phone like one I used to play with appeared ( I would post a picture of the phone if I could find one..but i can’t..its was a pink phone with a glass round dial). I start to use it then the dream changed

    The 2nd dream I was hiding from someone (don’t know who) and I was in a store..it was a combo of shoe and clothing store. I was hiding behind a clothes rack and also behind the little seat thing you sit on at a shoes store. Well when I was in the store..which I could see through the front of the store and 3 people walked past and they seemed to have stepped right out of the movie Cinderella (they were the step mom, and sisters). A man who’s black hair was tied into a ponytail at the back of his head..he said that I couldn't hide where I was for much longer and said to trust him..but I didn’t know whether or not to do so. I did and the next thing I knew I believed..I was a frog in a forest. End of dream.

    October 2012
    Dreamed I was in the CN tower city (but not the CN tower itself) and I was there alone. I had been going to other places via the subway or walking. I walked back to the main station and was going to go a bit overboard with snack stuff (ie buy some popcorn, some Pesi, and some M&Ms) . There was this food “stall” (lack of a better word) in the main station which had a popcorn machine (similar to the ones you would see in a movie theatre). I got into line and there were three people in front of me. There were two people at the cash registers-one male, one female. The female told me that the “stall” was going to close soon and pointed me in the direction of another pocorn stall. I went there but the other’s stall’s pocorn machine was empty. So I returned to the first one and they were emptying out the last of the popcorn. I got really upset and the female said “It takes one hour to make popcorn and another hour to do the butter.” I said “I know” and I told them that this was the first time I was on my own in the city and how I was going to do stuff I don’t normally do. Woke up after this.

    *Note in RLF the main station doesn’t have a popcorn stall. It does have 1)DQ stall, 2) Tim Horton’s stall, 3) pretzel stall.

    I was having one dream which wasn't really important. But then I started having this other dream. I was in something between a house and a store. I picked up something in this house-store. It started to take me on this weird travel walk tour. I was travelling with a guide (who I couldn’t see but I could tell he was a man) and we were only allowed to change minor things. In one of the scenes I remember is that there were two kids jumping rope nearby a statue (the statue was of 2 adult-looking statue-once of which was a woman and one kid-looking statue and some dogs) and the one kid who was a boy left for some reason, and one of the statues invited up the other kid (who was a girl) up onto the base of the statue and her shoes once she got onto the base of the statue starting turning grey/into stone. I was able to get the girl off the statue before she turned 100% into a statue. The woman statue then complained “now my dogs wouldn’t get any veggies” I then in comic book format cleaned the dogs with magic grooming items.

    Then the dream changed to the last scene, and as it was changing there was a title on the “screen” which said “Death at the railway tracks”. I had an inkling this story had to do with my guide’s family. We were at the bottom of some stairs and were on the path to the rail road which was further down. We both saw a train light coming from the above the stairs and scooted out of the way into a nook and saw the train which wasn’t even on a track head towards where the guide’s brother had been standing in 1883

    I this dream which I had the mansion I dream of having but I doubt I will have get it. It had a nursery with several play rooms and one of the play rooms were divided up into “store”, “home”, and “school” sections. I also have a movie theatre, bowling alley, exercise room and two pools-both above ground, one indoors, one outdoors and a lot more. Well in the dream I had this super big backyard which happen to include a forest. Well closer to home I made a toy play castle large enough for both kids and adults to enter and in the forest I also had a play cottage (but both were home-made play stuff). In the play castle there was a home-made spinning wheel in a tower right next to a bed which was large enough for both a child and an adult to sleep on.

    In the dream there were two kids. But neither of them were mine (or I don’t think they were). One was a boy, the other was a girl. I told them after I made the castle and cottage to go and play. The kids send a couple of minutes in the play castle and then went to the cottage. They seemed to have had so much fun my dream-self got worried they hadn’t came back to forest.

    She went out into the forest but she didn’t get too far before she got a gun behind her back. The invisible person pushed me to go out of the forest. Once we got out of the forest the gun forced me to go into the play-castle. Once there the gun forced me to go up the stairs to the spinning-wheel tower. I refused to touch the spinning wheel (even though I have no idea how a play spinning I personally made could be cursed) and that’s when the gun pushed me hard and as I was trying to save myself falling my arm touched the spindle of the spindle wheel and I got SB syndrome. The kids arrive back at the castle and I was already on the bed. At first the kids thought I was just having a nap but when they had tried to do everything kids do to wake up parents and nothing worked.

    They looked at each other and I guess said (I don’t see anything from the time my arm gets poke by the spindle..that’s the last thing I saw) “Magic you think?” girl said. The boy said “Yeah. Our parents said X (me) is a light sleeper and since we tried everything” They tried to convince a dark-hair man (a boy I know who I will call P) to kiss me. But P said “What would my girlfriend think? and What about my kid?” The kids said “I don’t think she would be a evil step-mother type to us. I mean look she made this play castle for us herself. What kind of evil-step mother do that?” P said “Good point”

    Nov 2012:
    While anyway in the dream I was in a hotel (or an apartment) room. I was sharing the room with a black hair girl. The girl and I were getting into bed (we were sharing a double bed) and I was worried about something. In the dream (can’t tell wether I was asleep in the dream or not) I said something about “spinning wheels” and “sleeping poison” The girl woke me up and asked something along the lines of “You have a curse you will be curse with a sleeping curse?” The dream me said “Yeah. I’m suppose to be near a spinning wheel any day now and its been at least five years and nothing has happened.” She then said “Why don’t you make yourself under a sleeping spell?” ” but that’s the last thing I can remember (I think my head way’s too up in the clouds with fairytales lately)

    Dec 2012:
    At first I was having this dream about I was a character in I believe a TV show. I don’t know WHO I was but I got the feeling I was special/important. somehow. Well anyone the character was in the dessert (the camel kind not the eating kind) and I guessed I walked into a trap of some sort. There was this man who kind of looked like Alan Dale (an actor) but he had weird maybe pale? eyes and said “I been waiting for you”. The scene changed briefly to my family room and my parents and I watching the above just happened in the dream. I said something like “I would do something about the eyes since they kind of hypnotize charries or something”. The scene changed again to I guess an underground cavern and the charrie I was playing earlier was in a cell next to a person who looked oddly like a (female) member of the bowling league I am on. I never did find out how I was special in the dream.

    The dream then changed into this new dream. (The first part of the dream I had before). I don’t know if anyone on here has heard about the TV show called Once Upon a Time (in case you haven’t here’s a plot summary: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1843230/plotsummary ). Well my dream is related to that TV show. I was I guess in Storybrooke (the main town of the TV show). I was in a pretty big building somehow I got past wherever Regina was. But somehow Regina was “aware” I was in the building and meet an Alan Dale person (Alan Dale does play a role in OAT) and some other bad people on the steps below where I was and somehow had a picture of me, Emma (the protagonist), and Snow White (this dream-self and Emma’s mom) and Regina had a power point with the pictures I mentioned already and Regina said something like “There this new kid (ie. adult) on the block who has the same attitude as Emma Swan and Snow White.” Somehow I was outside and I guess it just after the cursed broke and we were I guess all the charries were in Snow White’s apartment and the first thing Snow did when she saw me was Hug me. (This was after a scene outside around a fence area that had some charries protesting about their lost years)


    Dec 2012
    I had this dream last night but its a bit complicated. I was in a cave with a waterfall near two men (well I assume both were men, I could only tell one was a man, who was tall&dark like Jafar but I couldn't tell about the 2nd person). Well anything the two other people were in a sword fight (from where I was standing and I was standing on the other side of the cave) and the 2nd person fall down the waterfall but didn't hit the bottom since a flying carpet came and got the person and escaped some place else.

    The scene then changes to a castle and its kind of in first person, I assume I was female but dressed like a male.) but there was this evil blonde mistress (who I will call "Narcissa") of the castle who wanted me to write a story for her. I also remember that there were two other kids in the dream, one was actually a boy and the other one was a girl. I believe I kind of was kidnapped before this part of my dream and the other two kids were other kidnappees (Ie kids who been kidnapped) but I was the eldest of the children being 16 since the boy was like 10 and the girl was like 6-8). When I refused to I assume the first night I was there after I woke up (I assume I had been drugged sometime between the cave, and the castle..it happened "off-screen") Narcissa chained me with I assume enchanted chains since the scene then switched briefly to 3rd person and I saw (what I assume was my female self dressed in boy's clothing hint: Disney's Prince Phillip clothing complete with hat ) and the hands were writing a story by themselves via the chains. Then the second night Narcissa made us watch a TV that only had stuff to do with I believe her evil stuff and there was a video of a cat in there too and I think Narcissa was embarrassed by the cat video since she turned off the TV then, and I chit-chatted with the other two kidnapped kids.

    The last bit of the dream was in 3rd person Person 2- from earlier in the dream -- who I could now tell was actually a man..I think my suitor maybe? and he was dressed in an Aladdin-style "prince' outfit and riding an Abu-like elephant. I think at one point as the elephant and the man was going down the street a guard tried to injure the elephant but elephant just used his trunk and took a hold of the guard and shook him like he was a rag doll.

    next dream:
    I had this dream and in the dream I was on a (futuristic) spaceship and on the ship was this man who I believed from his actions had just run into Captain Jack Harness from Torchwood&Doctor Who TV shows. Well the man went back to his room and I guess he went to his "computer" and sat in a big black chair that had wheels and armrests. Well behind the guy was black curtains and on the black curtains were that police tape and suddenly the police tape started to act like devil snare and snared around the guy's arm. The room then suddenly changed to a bathroom and I guess the guy was sitting on the toilet, and then Daleks came in and tried to "Extermite" the guy but some odour from the toilet made the Daleks go away.

    The scene then switched to first person (I believe the spaceship was a combo of cruise liner and personal home to people on board) and I (and I was myself ) was in a crowd of people and then there were these Chinese people who came in and had a tea tray and they explained they were going to ceremony from their country back on "Earth" and they needed a volunteer (I believe I might have been an associate of The Doctor's or maybe one of Torchwood's members, not exactly sure) and I volunteered for it.

    Then somehow in the same dream I go to I presume to be Earth, Earth is still inhabited but the earth looks a bit well barren. I had the sense I was on a mission of some kind to get something. So I race past some buildings that look like it could come off the set of Seamease Street and go past two women, one who looks like Gwen complete with Torchwood's sci-fic's glasses. I

    The scene then changes to after I grabbed whatever, in the dream I run into two elementary schoolmates of mine (both female) and the three of us start running towards this fence (which was white and had some openings in its design) and well the two school mates of mine were able to get through or over the fence, but I was a bit scared about doing it, but somehow I did and the next thing I know I was in something that was like a pool (you know those in ground pools?) but also like a hot tub (it had bubbles) and we were sitting around and to my left there was this big muscular guy who had a tattoo of Canada's flag, right over his left breast, and he says something but I don't remember what he says since my dream ends just after that (but I assume he was flirting with me)

    Jan 2013:
    Last night I had two dreams but the 2nd dream was more creepy then the first one. I don't remember much about the first dream expect it had to do with me running around my town with my "little" sister looking for her two dogs. For some reason or other my province's premeire was having a conference or something at traffic lights near my home.

    The other dream was a bit more creepy. I was a boy (note: I was a dark haired boy like the main charrie in HP and Percy Jackson) in this dream. I beloved I had some little (maybe something like three or four) sisters. Somehow we found this odd mirror which led us to a strange place (and no it wasn't the other half of Wonderland). In both places the houses was identical to each other but somehow there was this evil guy who looked like a cross between Voldemort and Pettigrew, and he wanted something (don't know what it was he wanted) but he kept coming at me &the girls (and we had some alternative-world cousins) But some of the adults got turned into skeletons by the "Voldgrew" (note: every time this "Voldgrew" charrie shows up, there would be lightening and thunder) or in one case one of the adults' got turned into a panda teddy bear. (At first the people of the alterative universe couldn't see Voldgrew unless they were holding hands with me&my siblings) Then somehow me and my sisters&the cousins got into an arcade..and the guy follows us there. I guess there must have been a major battle between me and "Voldgrew" and I collpased because the next thing I was waking up in the dream on a sofa with a blond girl

    I had a slewful of dreams last night. First dream I was waiting at a bus stop which some old male classmates of mine who live up the street from me. We got on a bus which judging from the inside looked like a coach bus. The next scene was inside a house which oddly looked like my parents' home which I currently live in. I think there was some kind of" "matchmaking" event going on since people were being put into opposite-gender pairs. I got a tall, dark-haired man, and he started asking me questions, like what did I like,etc. (This was going on in the kitchen)

    Next dream, I was a boy in the story and I was I guess at a manor house or something. I didn't like the house for some reasons, bad vibes? Well anyway one night I run away in the dream but a couple of days later at another house I hear some stories, about the manor house's daughter "haunting" the manor house.
    (note:the only daughter there was oringally when I lived there, was a alive one), I returned back to the house at night, and I sneak into the the daughter's room, and discovered that the daughter was much alive but chained to the bed and I guess she was my romantic interest and the daughter's evil guardians (they weren't her parents) were endangering her by making her every night wear a while-see through dress, and also have chains and go around the manor house at night moaning why she was a ghost,-it was a trap for me. I hid in the closet when the guardians came in, but they found me..and I can't remember the rest of the dream except that someone who looked like an older version of the real (female) me, want to roast me in a oven.

    In this dream I was at a theatre, not a movie, theatre, the other kind of theatre. I was there with my friends and well I don't know what play we were watching but anywhere before the intermission my friend L and I were sitting in the front room behind some "Desks" which looked they could have come from my dad's classroom, I was sitting on the right of L (a friend of mine). After the intermission, I was planning on sitting on L's left, but L wanted to go and sit upstairs with a friend of ours K, so I was left with an empty seat, and a different friend, S&her BF were behind me.

    In the last dream I was playing a very weird Kinnect game which had to do with Totally Spies, but there was this werid excerise decive which looked like a pair of headsets which I was suppose to wear. I had just finished doing the entire game and there was this video talking about how much excerise I was doing or something..but the entire time it was on, Dad was talking about wouldn't shut up so I missed the entire video, and there and since there was no rewind button, It meant I had to do the entire game all over again..and I screamed at dad about it and mom came in and suddenly the TV turned into the little mini TV that we used to have in the basement.

    Last night's dream I woke up in my room and nothing at all looked out of place. I didn't learn till near the end of the dream that I and the house had time-travelled. Anyway, in the dream-bedroom-my HP books, posters, and the 1950s Peter Pan gift my sister gave me for a birthday long ago are still there. I then open my light blue see-though curtains with white liens attached to them from the inside of the curtains, and I see a scene playing out on the ground outside my house.

    The scene then changes to a what I would like to call "brown &black" scene (the colour of the film itself was brown, but the outfit were black like the ones you would see in the old black&white movies) and it gave a Mafia meeting. It turns out my dream-self had been watching someone "get it", and one of the Mafia members felt that they were being watch and saw me watching the scene. When they told the Godfather, he said to "kill me"

    I assume a couple of days had past (even though I didn't know at the time) and it is in the morning. I'm in the bathroom, the bathroom door is closed..but not all the way, and I'm starting to take my meds I would take in the modern day. Suddenly Constable Grabtree and Dective Murdoch barge into the bathroom and I assume discover the would be killer in the shower/bathtub combo in the bathroom and take him away. That's when I discovered I had time travelled to two decades ago. I guess it didn't take a long time to "lock up" the guy, since Grabtree came back awhile and the two of us started to talk a bit, and there was a bit of romantic vibe going on...but the dreamed ended before anything good (ie a kiss happened)


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    If you are at all interested in analyzing dreams you should look into Sigmund Freud if you don't know of him already. Most of his psychology is kind of wacky but he did a lot of work with dream analysis that is still used a current practices. I am a psychology major in college and I have learned quite a bit about him, he is a pretty interesting person with a fascinating mind.
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    I know of him but most of his dreams explanations seem to be about bedroom business even if he is the guy who said "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar".


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    Yeah like a said his psychology is a bit wacky, he sexualizes a lot haha.


    I just thought people might be interested in my dream since I meantion to someone who used to be on here-don't know if she still is about a dream I had with Murdoch Mysteries characters -William Murdoch and George Crabetree.


    Sept. 2015

    There were six other people beside myself (I was number 7) each one had a different ability, I can only remember one had the ability to tell when someone was lying. We were in an old church somewhere and we ended up sitting at a round table and I recognized the table as THE round table from Arthurian mythology. Because of that, some other door opened and we want into like the sanctuary of the church (ie where the altar and stuff) and right where the altar should be was a SWORD in a STONE. I somehow was able to pull it out as easily as King Arthur pulled out the Original sword. As soon as I did there was like this um sandstorm which came through a stained glass window, which scooped me and my um knights (don't care that they're female) up and transported us to the next dream

    We ended up in a desert by the time we ended up in the desert we had an additional companion. A young girl. We seem to go by some pyramids and we kind of lost some 'knights' and eventually it was only me and the child. We ended up in a literally Toy Land. But I had the feeling the entire time that this was in a sense a trap for people. As we were walking through I heard a woman saying something "Where does (toy) go?" I stopped to talk to this woman and she notices that me and (child) didn't have a bracelet like the did, which in this land was illegal. There was also the fact that if you stayed over 10 days, you're stuck there forever We got a braclet and a booklet thing (the booklet has something like sticklers which you put on the braclet 2 days, 4 days, 8 days, 10 days). But we started to walk a distance and somehow we dropped the booklet or something and sirens started and basically my family room (or a hologram of it) appeared in front of me, and I leaped over the couch (which felt as real as the real one) but I somehow forget the child on the other side. I had to make a decision to I risk getting captured to save someone else, or do I save my own skin? In that moment I understood what Henry from Once Upon a Time meant about " You're just scared. This happens to all heroes. It's just the low moment before you fight back." I made my decision to rescue the girl and right as I was doing that I woke up.
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