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Are you going to get Cities: Skylines???

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Johnny5clowna, Feb 12, 2015.



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    I've already pre-ordered the game on Steam, just patiently waiting for March 10th to roll around...

    Also, if you can please go here: Cities:Skylines cheats

    The trainer request form has a few other games on it, but if your a member there you can either earn points every month automatically, (no limit) or buy points.. The trainer is worth $250 USD, so if enough people who had free points to spare could pony up and donate points to Skylines that would be epic...

    Cities Skylines is going to BE THE GAME THAT MAXIS could have made SIMCITY (2013) but wanted to be able to run SIMCITY on 15 year old laptops for some reason...


    I dont pre-order anything, maybe when the game is out i will give it a shot, for now i stick with Tropico4. The problem was not running on 15 years old laptop, wanting it to be an online game was the problem, that is the only reason why the cities are so small in size, wich is the main problem that ruined that game aside from other problems related to online play as well such as server problems and not be able to edit terrain.

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    I just had a look at it and wow, it does look quite a bit like Simcity in its art style but it looks huge in comparison. Bigger cities :D

    I think i'll be getting this when it comes out, thanks Johnny for making me aware !
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