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Can't remove dirty dishes

Discussion in 'Technical Support & Bug Reports' started by dread34, Apr 13, 2016.



    Some characters dropped their dirty dishes in the two-square border lane between Bargain Bend and Streamlet Single in the Foundry Cove section of Willow Creek.

    Here are the attempts that I've made to get rid of the dirty dishes and the results:
    Have a character use the Throw Away option. Greyed out with notice that object doesn't exist.
    Pick up and remove using bb.moveobject testing cheat. Notification that object doesn't exist.
    Use Sledgehammer tool in Build Mode. Notification that object doesn't exist.
    Use Repair Game (which has sometimes removed unwanted artifacts). Object still remains.

    The "object" that "doesn't exist" still causes a Dirty/Filthy Surroundings moodlet in nearby played Sims.


    Using debug mode to reset the sim is ok..as long as you know how to do it

    There are two ways to do it. You can use moveobjects on to delete the sim. When you return to the lot, they will be standing by the mailbox..reset.
    You use debug mode to force an error on the sim.

    Both procedures are outlined in this Wiki article:

    If you are uncomfortable using cheats or debug mode, moving them off the lot and back in can work.


    Patch for 1 Dec. 2016 sounded like it had the problem fixed, but ...
    the game still doesn't "see" the dirty dishes and still doesn't allow them to be moved or deleted. Clicking on them still gives the message "nothing to delete" and having played a couple of sessions since the patch, it doesn't seem to be being caught by the game when saving. It still gives a bad moodlet for dirty surroundings even though the game still claims there's nothing there.
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