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Discussion in 'CaS & Creations Sharing' started by Starkman78, Feb 17, 2017.



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    There are posts all over Youtube, Sims forums, etc. explaining how to get into CAS full edit mode for already played Sims, dating back up to two years. It is currently February of 2017 and NONE of them have worked for me. I have a female, young adult, alien Sim. She is set to be able to impregnate others. I want HER to be able to become pregnant. Is there any way to make this happen? If someone knows of a way that is working nowadays, please let me know.

    I am running Windows 7, I have the base game, the Get To Work EP, the Spa Day GP, the Luxury Party Items SP, and all of the free content/updates. I have no CC, unless some was trojaned in with the one family I downloaded from the gallery. I've experienced no lags, obvious bugs, or anything of the kind. My game works smoothly. I just want my adorable blue-skinned, pink-haired alien lady to get pregnant.
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