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Dark blue Cupboards

Discussion in 'Technical Support & Bug Reports' started by Debriska, Nov 20, 2016.



    Hello fellow Simmers, I've been having a problem with my recent build and was hoping that someone could help me please.
    So the problem is that the wall shelves/cupboards/counters in the open kitchen do not show up as the light cream colour I chose. Instead they keep turning a dark blue colour.
    I tried moving them to another room and once I do they go back to their original colour, the problem seems to be just in the open kitchen. I even tried putting lights above them, deleting the walls and building them again but still nothing.
    Does anyone know why this might be happening?

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    Sims4Forum The Boss Site Owner

    Yeah that's weird, it's almost like they think the lights in the room are turned off.
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