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How to improve my sim's home?

Discussion in 'The Sims 4 General Discussion' started by caters, Mar 17, 2018.



    I am building a home for my sim named Lisa and I want to at least have a second floor for her to have her children later on. My lot has the trait of natural light so I don't need windows, at least I don't think I need windows. Here are the floors I have right now:


    This is her basement where I plan to have an indoor pool later on, All I have there right now is a litter box in case her cat goes downstairs and stairs to go up to the first floor.

    This is where most of her stuff is. You notice that there are 8 rooms in total. Starting from the furthest back room there is a kitchen with a tile floor. I know I could get her better appliances and more appliances and I will but what is in that image is what I have right now. There are 2 doors from the kitchen into the dining room which is just a table with 6 chairs. From there there is yet another door that leads to the hallway. The hallway connects directly to a room with a pet bed, a cat tree, and a piano. There are no doors from the hallway to that room. From that room you can go 2 ways. If you go in the direction of the kitchen, it leads you to a medical office. This is where Lisa keeps all her promotion items from her Doctor Career. She is currently at level 7 in that career, but I digress. In the other direction there is a bathroom with a bathtub, a toilet, a sink, and another litter box. From the hallway, if you go in that same direction you get to the living room where there is another table, a couch, a flatscreen TV, a bookshelf, and a couple of cat toys. If you continue to go in that direction there is a bedroom which is also a study. There is a frog there which Lisa caught herself. And outside is her garden. I know those plants need tending to and I will let Lisa do that.

    Here is the second floor:


    I know, it is empty with no stairs or anything else.

    So I was wondering, where on the first floor should I put the stairs that lead to the second floor? And how else can I improve this home?
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