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Issues with Sims 4 time functions and frequent lagging

Discussion in 'Technical Support & Bug Reports' started by Craigmanutd, Sep 24, 2017.



    Hoping someone will be able to help me. Before I start, I have posted a video on Youtube showing the issues I am having and will refer to the video in this post. I have also posted dxdiag info for the laptop below.

    I am currently facing an issue on 2 HP laptops where the game frequently has time issues. These involve Sims standing for many in game hours doing nothing, whilst showing as late for work/school as shown in this video, no matter how many times I clicked go to school. Once time caught up, the sim in this video turned out to have gone to school after all. I'm also having major problems when clicking on objects and asking Sims to do something, where a sim will spend many hours standing still before they do it. I'm unable to change from the current Sim whenever this issue occurs and also am having issues with the pause and play options in the game. As the video shows, no matter which option I press (including pause), the game continues to play at full speed. After the video finished, it eventually pauses after many real minutes and everything catches up.

    This problem is present on 2 laptops we have in the house, both of them similar spec's and both of them HP laptops. The laptop in this video is the slightly better of the 2 laptops in that it has 8GB rather than 4GB, and also a slightly faster processor. The better laptop is the one the dxdiag refers to.

    The reason I'm confused with this is because the game can run fine for half an hour on both and then present these issues. Conversely, it can also have these issues right from the start. The laptops are new as of last Christmas and should be able to play this game at some level of setting. Before getting these laptops, I had an older laptop from 2009 which played the game fine on medium settings and this again leaves me wondering what is going on.

    I've read millions of posts online of seemingly similar issues, where I've tried options such as fully reinstalling the game, deleting everything from all Sims inventories, deleting everything in the tray folder and even deleting the entire Sims 4 folder and letting it regenerate a new one. All settings are currently at their lowest possible for testing purposes. I have never used mods or custom content of any kind on these laptops and currently installed is the base game and Get to Work, as well as the holiday celebration pack. So I'm a bit stuck for ideas and am looking for more help now please!

    Any ideas would be appreciated! Thanks again,

    Link to video:

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