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Modding help.

Discussion in 'Support,Suggestions & Feedback' started by Aiyik, Dec 26, 2017.



    I'm trying to make a mod. Something like TS4 Torture and Chaos Mod by Dramatic Gamer.

    I want to make a mod that can kill but not the instant one. More like 50% to 75% chances of survive that kill interaction. I'm thinking of killing by fire, electrocute and drown. All three of the interaction are in that Chaos Mod. I just don't know which file to change in Sims 4 Studio. Do I need action, interaction and animation file all together? Or just edit one among those three to make it work? I don't know the sequence.

    Next, I' trying to make a mod like Vampire can kill vampire by Tremerion. The difference is I want to make the exact same mod for normal sims fight. The mod affect fitness level. Also 50% to 75% chances to survive from the interaction.

    Which file should I focus on within the S4S?

    I'm also opening those mod to research for which file they used to make it work.
    And no, I'm not using their mod to make my mod. It's for reference only.
    I would appreciate it if some would explain to me about the file in sims 4. Like Snippet, Animation, Action, Mixer and so on.
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