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My Sims Won`t get Promoted?

Discussion in 'The Sims 4 General Discussion' started by theagyas, Dec 14, 2016.



    Hello fellow simmers :)

    I have a question for all the pros here. From a newbie.
    Why is my Sim couldn't get promoted, even though his Skills is already reached above the requirement? I also already finished other goal (to get promoted) and always go to the job in good mood & always do the everyday task.

    I think it is a problem of a bug, because i couldnt do anything to get my sim promoted.

    If any of you guys have had the same problem, and know how to fix it. I would really appreciate it :)

    Im using Mac OS El Capitan Version 10.11.6

    Here is the screenshoot.




    Have you been doing the work they keep giving you? In these types of professions where you don't see the sims at work, they give you tasks to do at home. Since you're doing the programming profession they tell you to write three short programs or practice coding for X amount of hours. If you're not doing that you won't get promoted cause you are not meeting the full requirement of your job. This will always be under job schedule window, at the bottom in smaller print. Hope this helps you out.
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