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Need option

Discussion in 'The Sims 4 General Discussion' started by Violetsam, Apr 6, 2018.



    I am kinda in a, I don't know what to do, stage. I have sims 4 on console, and I wanted to play a version of me, my husband and our animal family. But the cat and dogs has not come out yet on console and don't know if it even come out this year. I basicly put my game on hold because it feels less of a challenge with just me and my husband so I want someone to give me advice. Quick note, can not use mods on console, if u didnt know and I heard that u can only tell a pets needs by their actions. Was wondering, is cats and dogs with no mods worth holding my game on pause, or should I think of an alternate, like making my cats and dogs toddlers, and just never have them grow up, I usually play without aging anyways... or something to that effect... I just kinda torn on if I should wait for it and play other things in the mean time or just make toddlers and enjoy my family now since I do want to play... hope this made sense and can get some good feedback on cats and dogs vs toddlers
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