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Problem with cc and crashing?

Discussion in 'Sims 4 Custom Content' started by paythembills, Mar 3, 2016.



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    So I had been downloading and using custom content for the past few months and I've never had a problem; it's always worked perfectly well. Then all of a sudden I try and get onto my game and it says it cant open because the game has been corrupted or something like that. So I uninstalled it because that's what it told me to do and then reinstalled it. I downloaded new mods (only like 30; i used to have over 100 when it worked) and it's not working. What happens now is that when I start the game, it loads up until the sims 4 logo and then it just stops and won't load any further. So someone said to take my Sims 4 folder out of my Electronic Arts folder and move it to my desktop. I did that and it let me go on to the game past all the loading screens just fine. But then my cc's wouldn't show up. So I moved my folders back and tried again and my game went back to not loading. So I'm stuck. Anyone know what to do?
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