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Discussion in 'Sims 4 Custom Content' started by InsaneRose23, Jan 8, 2016.


    InsaneRose23 New Member

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    Ok, Hi so this is my first forum.
    so anyways, I have been in love with the show rwby since it came out 2013.
    But I want to be able to play them all in the sims 4. I already found a Blake and Yang but I want a Weiss and Ruby.
    They look like:
    Ruby rose: http://pre00.deviantart.net/6a06/th..._rose_from_rwby_by_dead_on_demand-d75ozty.png
    Weiss Shnee: http://pre06.deviantart.net/6558/th...md_rwby__weiss_schnee_by_fanffx_2-d9a4688.png
    I'm really sorry I couldn't find any 360 pictures for them...
    I'd also like the hair if you could, if you don't do one or the other or even either that's alright! :3

    The other characters that would be awesome would be
    Pyrrha: http://www.cosplayhouse.com/images/D/RWBY-Pyrrha-Nikos-Cosplay-Costume-Version-01-4.jpg
    Jaune: upload_2016-1-8_2-8-15.png
    Nora: http://media.tumblr.com/e57c0eb0cc598274b4e3d211ee119f32/tumblr_inline_n7oi6wXKtV1r0hytl.jpg
    Ren: http://img4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb...n_Turnaround.png/500px-Lie_Ren_Turnaround.png
    Cinder Fall: http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb...er_Turnaround.jpg/500px-Cinder_Turnaround.jpg
    Emerald: http://img4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb...d_turnaround.png/640px-Emerald_turnaround.png
    Mercury: https://farm8.static.flickr.com/7546/15133535044_42a77411d3_b.jpg

    I know its a lot to ask but a lot of people really like Rooster Teeths RWBY and now they could build a town full of characters from it! If you watch the show Sun and Neptune would be cool too!
    If you haven't seen the show, Go get on that! XD Its amazing though... (The music is one of the best parts)

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