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Serenade of Secret Love

Discussion in 'Sims 4 Legacies and Stories' started by Sammoyke, Aug 25, 2015.



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    I kinda envy some of yalls way of story telling, I don't really follow a simmish type of story line i sorta create a story and bend the sims will to tell my story how I want it and sometimes along the way the sims do things that are funny, cute, clever ect that I add into my story later because it fits well. Either way story telling with sims is something I have done since sims 2 ( skipped the sims 3 though I didn't care for it)My tumblr is here


    Ill go ahead and display a warning ( if it's even really necessary ) I don't have a censor on my sims so you may see some things uncensored and it is very lgbt friendly so don't get all shocked and shaken if you visit my tumblr and see well lgbt couples. That little disclaimer out of the way I do hope some people get a kick out of my story , the page is very much a WIP , no where near finished . And just so I don't leave this post without something more animated to see I included my first reasonably okay music video of my protagonist couple, Sammoyke and Takahashi. It's just a short video to see how well video recording was going to fair with the lag I have been experiencing while in game.

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