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Sharing Lots in the Gallery

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Clarawrr, Jun 14, 2015.



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    Hey y'all, quick question...
    When you're sharing a house/lot in the Gallery do you know of any way to change the main image of your house?
    Liiike, what I mean is, the front of my home is adorable, but when I share it, it shows the very boring side of it instead of the front...booo! Short of having to turn my home, is there another way to select a different main photo?
    06-13-15_2-56 AM.png

    Kristin G

    Kristin G

    My mom thinks when you download houses on the gallery they have viruses and none of my friends have sims 4 how can I prove that they don't


    You're right! The Sims 4 Gallery is really safe place to get houses and lots. I guess your mom gets confused with other websites that provide custom content. http://www.sims4houses.com/ is good source as well. I can't confirm about the others. I personally download modern houses from that site and modify it myself.
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