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Sims cancel every action and don't eat

Discussion in 'Technical Support & Bug Reports' started by Carcanet, Sep 4, 2016.



    For a while now my sims have been acting out. Or not. However you would like to call it. It started whenevery they would get food and another sim was in the room they would keep sitting down, putting the plate down, getting back up, picking up the plate and repeating that forever. When I reset them and gave them food again it would happen all over.
    By now they also almost cancel every option, wether I send them to the bathroom or to bed or anything at all, they just take one step forward and then cancel everything.
    Often they also have an action with their face on it saying: "Waiting what will happen.", which I believe to be connected with Alien abductions? But they never get abducted and some of them are half-aliens themselves.
    I've cleared the cache, deinstalled all kinds of cc and I still can't keep playing....

    Can anyone help with this?



    Sims4Forum The Boss Site Owner

    Have you flitered out every piece of CC indivudually? It's a long process but take all your CC out and if it works fine, then add 1-5 pieces at a time until the bug starts again, then you'll be able to narrow it down.
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