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SleepyD2k Guides - Troubleshooting Your Game

Discussion in 'Technical Problems' started by SleepyD2k, Jul 26, 2014.



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    The steps below will give you tips and ideas for troubleshooting your own The Sims 3 games.

    Although many people don't think about this, computer maintenance is a very important part when it comes to playing The Sims 3 or any game. If you drivers are not up to date or the game is not updated, you may run into a few glitches. Below are some tips to help you with maintaining your computer:
    • Make sure everything is up-to-date. Make sure The Sims 3 is patched to the latest version. Also, make sure your operating system and drivers are patched to their latest versions also. You should verify your drivers are up-to-date by visiting the hardware manufacturers' websites You can also use SlimeDrivers (http://download.cnet.com/SlimDrivers-Free/3000-18513_4-75279940.html?tag=bc) to make sure your hardware is running the latest drivers. Also, make sure Adobe Flash is updated to the latest version because the launcher uses Adobe Flash. Also, don't forget to make sure your mods are up-to-date.
    • Close background tasks. If you have a dual core computer, you will need to close unnecessary background tasks because the game will use the majority of your computer's processing power. A quad core or higher should be fine. Doing unnecessary multitasking in the background will cause you to have lower frame rates and hinder performance. It can also cause crashes. Each time, before you start the game, make sure only these tasks are running. Follow these steps to end background tasks:
      1. Start the task manager (ctrl+alt+delete)
      2. If the "Show processes from all users" box is checked, uncheck it
      3. Click on "User name" to sort the processes by your computer's name
      4. Click on a process next to your name only (except for taskmgr.exe and explorer.exe) and "End Process" twice
      5. Do step four until the only processes next to your name that remain are explorer.exe and taskmgr.exe
      6. Close the Task Manager
    • Clean your computer. Cleaning your computer is a good way to get rid of unnecessary files that may be interfering with your gameplay. If is a good idea to run a virus scan program at least once a week. If you don't have a virus scan program on your computer, Microsoft offers one for free (http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/security-essentials-download). Besides running a virus scan program, you will also Disk Cleanup, Error-Checking/ScanDisk, and Disk Defragmenter. Also, don't forget to delete your temp files and the temp folder. Download and run CC Cleaner (https://www.piriform.com/ccleaner) and DeCrap (http://www.decrap.org/) to uninstall and clean your computer files.
    • Delete The Sims 3 cache files on a regular basis. These files can become bloated and cause your game to crash. The game will generate new versions of these files after you delete them. The following files to delete are below:
      • CasPartCache.package
      • compositorCache.package
      • scriptCache.package
      • simCompositorCache.package
      • socialCache.package
      • missingdeps.idx
      • dcc.ent
      • *.bin
      • Downloadedsims.index
      • *.*
      • *.package
      • thumb_*.png
      • WorldsCache (PC only)
      • Feature Items (need to turn off internet to delete)
      • SigsCache
    • Delete unnecessary files generated by the game. Some files created by the game are no longer necessary and become outdated. These files and hinder your gameplay performance or cause your game to crash.
      • Delete the installer_ file from your Program Files folder by using the Application Settings in Origin.
      • Delete the failed updates (files ending in part) in the Content Patch folder in the where your games are in My Documents.
      • Delete all your saves where the folders end in "bad". These are corrupted saves and you won't be able to use them.
    • Make sure you have a legit copy of the game. If you have a pirated copy of the game, store content, expansion, and stuff packs you may experience crashes, lagging, and other problems. To prevent the problems associated with having pirated copy by a legit version of the game. You can purchase a legit version at origin.com.
    • Make sure your computer has the minimum requirements. If you game does not have the minimum requirements, you may experience lag, crashes, and a variety of other problems. Some video cards are not supported by the game so make sure your video card is supported. Please remember the requirements for integrated/mobile graphics cards are higher than the requirements for discrete/dedicated graphics cards. You can find the minimum requirements here: http://help.ea.com/en/article/minimum-system-requirements-for-the-sims-3/. Also, the minimum requirements increase for each expansion pack installed. Remember, the minimum specs required for an expansion pack includes just the expansion pack and the base game.
    • If you have a Intel Core video cards, make sure it has the right settings. Intel(R) graphics controllers uses shared memory that is taken from the RAM memory installed on your computer. The feature that sets the amount of memory that is used for video is called Intel(R) Dynamic Video Memory Technology and this will make the graphics controller only to use the amount of RAM memory that it requires to run the different applications or software's. You can limit the maximum memory that it can take only. You will see this option usually in BIOS and you will have 3 options, 128MB, 256MB and maximum DVMT. Other values can be found as 512MB, etc but this depends on the motherboard manufacturer and the amount of RAM memory installed on your computer.
    Tips for Better Performance
    • Remove unused custom content and mods. Custom content and mods are two reasons why people may experience lag and crashes while playing their game. Mods and custom content raise the specs for the game and will slow down the game. If you system cannot handle the increase in specs, you game will become lag, crash, and receive error messages when you try to save. If you are using custom content and you are running the game on lower specs, limit the amount of custom content to 1 GB or less. Also, verify the mods you install are not game demanding. Some mods can be very game demanding and cause problems with how your game will run.
    • Lower your settings. Make sure your settings actually reflect the hardware you have installed your computer. If you game is barely above the minimum specs, don't change your setting to high. Restore your setting to the defaults to ensure your game is running on settings it can handle. Origin automatically detects your optimal settings for the game so if you run your game though Origin installed. For cards that are newer you can download programs to set optimal settings. If you have an AMD video card, you can use AMD Gaming Evolved http://raptr.com/amd to set the game to the settings your card will support. For Geforce video cards, you will use Geforce Experience (http://www.geforce.com/geforce-experience). Intel does not have an application to optimize gaming. If you have an Intel video card you can download Raptr here (http://raptr.com/).
    • Remove expansion packs. If you are running your game on low-end hardware understand that the game requirements increase with each expansion and stuff pack installed. If you are unable to run your game on the settings you want, remove the expansion and stuff packs you are no longer using.
    • Properly Update Store Content. It is important to properly update store content to prevent this content from causing errors in the game. Each time the store releases a patch, you should remove all your store content and download it again from the store website. I know this is tedious but it can prevent crashing and other errors you may face when running the game. This ensures that you have the updated version of your store content. Follow these steps:
      1. Delete the following from your My Documents folder:
        • DCBackup
        • DCCache
        • Downloads (but copy the folders that are just numbers first to your desktop. These are the files that contain your Simport progress),
        • Collections (copy the user folder to your desktop first if you have custom collections)
        • WorldsCaches
        • Installed Worlds
      2. Download and install all your store content. If you have a lot or a slow internet connection, this may take a while.
      3. If you removed folders form Dowloads and Collections replace them.
    • Upgrade your computer. If you want better performance, you will need to upgrade your computer. Running the game close to the minimum specs will not allow you to run the game on high settings, add a bunch of expansion packs or custom content/mods, or prevent all lag within the game.

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    Troubleshooting Steps
    If you tried the suggestions above and you are still having problem with your game, follow these steps below.
    • Repair you game. Instead of re-installing your entire game you can use Origin to repair your game files even if you have a disk version of the game. When you repair your game files, the files in your My Documents folder are not touched and only the files in the Program Files Folder are repaired. This method does not require you to back-up your save games. The files of the repaired games are restored to their original versions. This replaces corrupted files or files you may have edited. If you have a disk version of the game, you will have to register it on Origin to use this feature. To use this feature follow these steps:
      1. Launch Origin
      2. Right-click on the box are of the game, and click "Repair".
      3. Do this for the base game and all expansion and stuff packs you own.
    • Installation Problems. If you are having problems installing the game from a disk follow these steps.Download Origin
      1. Add your game code to the Origin client.
      2. Insert disk and select download. The game will install from the disk.
    • Sound Problems. Make sure the sound drivers on your computer are up-to-date. You can also try removing any custom music if you have any. Also try deleting the Options.ini file.
    • Graphic Problems. Most graphics problems can be resolved by changing the graphic settings for the game by using the optimizes. You should also make sure your video card is up-to-date.
    • Internet Connectivity Issues. Run the "Troubleshoot Problems" wizard. Reset your router. Try clearing your internet cache and cookies on your browser. Contact your internet service provider. If there is only a problem with using the Internet features in the game download UOtrace (http://help.ea.com/uk/article/how-to-uo-trace/) to pinpoint internet problems.
    • Store content not working. Make sure your game is updated to the latest store patch. Remove and re-install all of your store content. Some content is know to have errors in the past. If the problem still persists, contact EA.
    • Mods/Custom Content causing glitches. Make sure your mods are up-to-date. Remove and uninstall all your mods and custom content. Then add them back to the game testing each one to see if there are any conflicts.
    • Sims3Launcher is not Responding. This occurs when the launcher becomes corrupt. The corruption sometimes takes place after Origin has been updated because there is a conflict with The Sims 3 Launcher and the Origin Launcher.
      • Delete the MISSINGINDEX file in your The Sims 3 My Documents folder.
      • Drag your My Documents The Sims 3 folder to the desktop. Try to start the launcher. Then replace your My Documents folder back onto the desktop.
      • Uninstall then reinstall Origin.
      • Uninstall and reinstall The Sims 3 base game only.
    • Save Games Errors. For these, you will need to contact EA.
      • 1. No save file information
      • 2. No active world
      • 3. The save path is empty
      • 4. Cannot save directory
      • 5. Cannot find the requested file
      • 9. Failed to create header record
      • 10. Failed to write header record
      • 11. Pre-save callback failure
      • 12. World file save failure
      • 13. Post-save callback failure
      • 14. No load/save manager found
      • 15. Other error. Sorry
      • 16. Loose file copy failure - use the "use the save as" option to save
      • 17. Other error. Sorry
    • Gameplay Problems
      • Stuck Sims. Use the resetSim cheat.
      • Stuck objects. Use the debug mode delete cheat.
      • Corrupted objects. Use the moveobjects cheat or the debug delete cheat and delete them.
      • Lag. There are several reasons for lag.
        • Remove downloaded or built lots with excessive use of the moveobjects cheat because this cheat is know to cause routing issues.
        • Make sure object in lots are properly set onto grids. Make sure object are place in areas where Sims can access them.
        • Set blank lots community lots to no visitors allowed.
        • Make sure you don't have excessive spawners on lots
        • Remove parking lot spaces to prevent cars from spawing.
        • If you did the above steps and you still get lag, use the fps cheat to determine your frames per second. For you game not to lag, it should run at 30 fps. If this is below 30fps you will need to lower the resolution options. If you game is going over 80 fps, contact EA. This is a major problem and you can end up causing problems to your video card.
        • You can also try running the game in windowed mode to see if that fixes the lag.
        • If you are running the game in Origin, turn off the Origin In Game feature.
        • Remove objects from lots that have an excessive amount of objects.
        • If Pets is installed, turn off the options that allow Pets and horses to spawn in the game.
        • Disable automatic memories and the store options inside the game.
      • Crashes. Crashes are in individual issue. If you experience crashes contact EA support. Be sure to upload your DXDiag and text files listed below that are located in your My Documents The Sims 3 folder before you start the chat/call. A specialist will be able to tell you the reason for the crashes and how to stop them. The most common cause of crashes is running background programs while playing the game:
        • xcpt "Your computer name"
        • Options
        • DeviceConfig
      • Lots not populating with Sims. This is caused by three things: the way the game is programmed, a glitch within the game (should be fixed if you use the repair game option), and your computer specs. The game is programmed to have 15 Sims maximum on a lot at a single time and this number is based off of your computer specs. If you have low specs, you are not going to have a lot of Sims on your lots. If you are getting way less than this number, you can try to change the lot type to "Hangout" or "Visitors Allowed." If there are barrier ropes on the lot, you can remove the barrier ropes or change the settings so that move Sims will be allowed. You can delete some of the community lots/venues in your game. You can change the time your Sim goes out because NPCs act on a schedule set by the game. You can move more Sims into your world. Lastly, you can add more Sims to your game with the traits that are needed for them to visit the community lot.
      • Long Load Times. Long Loading times are caused by three things: your computer specs, have a lot of expansion and stuff packs installed, and having a lot of and mods and custom content. If you load times for the game are more than 10 minutes, try reducing your custom content and only using custom custom content you only need. The more custom content you have, the longer the load times. If you have mods installed, verify with the creator if they will increase the loading time of the game.
      • Grey objects. It is normal to see some grey objects in the game because the game does not render all lots at once. If it takes a long time to render the lots you can put the following settings on the lowest possible option:
        • Edge Smoothing
        • Visual Effects
        • Lighting and Shadows
        • Tree Detail
        • Texture Detail
        • Draw Distance
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