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Sunlit Tides Challenge

Discussion in 'Legacies and Stories' started by Maks1234, Jan 16, 2016.



    Hey everyone,
    So I've created a challenge and am playing it out in a Lets Play that I called The Sims3 Sunlit Tides Challenge. It's something that I'm thoroughly enjoying and thought I'd share to perhaps get some feedback on with some opinions!
    I'l post the rules of the challenge here and then I'll post the links to both of my videos that I've posted to my youtube channel. Feedback is always appreciated! I'll also be posting any related pictures in this thread! Thanks everyone :)

    • Must go on for three generations with one selected sim from each generation.
    • While in CAS you must have one trait that is randomized, one positive trait and one negative trait and the other two can be whatever you like.
    • Your Sim must have three children.
    • Your Sim must meet three supernatural sims.
    • Your Sim must throw three different kind of parties throughout their life.
    • Your Sim must have three bestfriends and three regular friends and three enemies.
    • Your sim must move houses three times or complete three major upgrades to the house.
    • Your sim must get at least three promotions in their chosen career(not limited to just three)
    • Your sim must have three pets and only one can be in a terrarium (such as snake, rodent, turtle).
    • Your sim is to master three skills before becoming an elder.
    • Your Sim must go on vacation three times (To any neighborhood granted you have the travelers mod)
    • Your sim must collect three collectables of each kind, flowers, minterals, bugs etc.

      Episode 1

      Episode 2:
    `````Episode 3:
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