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The Sims 4 lag

Discussion in 'Technical Support & Bug Reports' started by Nico Lugo, Feb 7, 2017.

    Nico Lugo

    Nico Lugo

    Origin ID:
    When I play The Sims 4 the gameplay is choppy and lags. On top of that, when I tell my sims to go do something, they will stand in one place for about one sim hour and then go do it. Speeding up time doesn't help at all. Also when I pause time in the game, after I unpause, it takes a while for the game to start up again. It's become a real irritating problem and it makes it hard to get anything done in the game because I run out of time. If there's any way this can be fixed I'd really appreciate it.


    I'm going to do my go-to solution here. Repair your game files through Origin. To do so:
    1. Select "My Game Library" in Origin.
    2. Right-click "The Sims 4."
    3. Select "Repair Game."
    It shouldn't take all too long, no longer than five or ten minutes to repair the game files. Let us know if that doesn't work.
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