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The sims 4 ps4 issues

Discussion in 'Technical Problems' started by DarkEVILomoreX98, Mar 2, 2018.



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    Whoever released it did it too soon too many crash codes and game freezes. I highly doubt any game testers were hired. I don't remember sims 2 and 3 having issues but then again it's been years since I played those. Basically it is operating like a $20 game I can barely play with all this crashing and freezing. But what angers me the most is it disconnects ps4 controller and it won't reconnect controller fully charged by the way so I have to power ps4 down the wrong way because of it not allowing controller reconnect and nothing is wrong with my controller this don't happen in any game but the sims 4 please STOP being lazy and FIX IT I paid for a fully working game not a broken game if it breaks my ps4 you will owe me a new ps4 Fix it before it's too late. Great game by the way
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