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Two Queens Challenge

Discussion in 'CaS & Creations Sharing' started by William Campbell, Apr 29, 2017.

    William Campbell

    William Campbell

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    You make two female characters. Both Young Adults, Aspiring both to get to the top of the same career but only one can make it to the top. The challenge is who can make it first? Whoever doesn't make it dies .... as only one can be at the top. The career they're both aspiring to do is the politics career in the sims 4.
    There are many ways to play:
    Alone. You create two sims and play them as you would do, but in separate households. Each time you play you spend the same amount of time on each household and you do the promotion tasks and whichever sim makes it to the top first wins. Then the losing sims moves into the winning sims and the winning sim can kill the losing sim. Some Examples include cow plant, fire or leaving them to die of old age and you can use this as a lead up to a series on a youtube channel, finish this challenge and move them in and making them your slave or butler?
    Together.This can be played with up to 4 people. so each person makes a female sim and do the challenge. If yous all have channels do a collab with friends and make it fun. Skype is a good way to do it with others as you can obviously play on separate screens but record together via Skype. This makes it fair so you know what each other is doing and there is no cheating. Who ever gets to the top first wins like when playing alone. The losers give their sims to the winner and then the winner chooses what happens to them all...

    RULES !!!!!
    Each households starts with 20k no more.
    No Cheats WHAT SO EVER!!!!
    If playing with friend you must have communication with them so you know what each other are doing. Thats where Skype comes in handy ??
    If alone when you play the game you MUST play each household the same amount of times each sitting or the challenge will be unbalanced and unfair.
    Relation to the past rule if you are on a youtube channel and upload this challenge then you must either alternate each episode or part though each household or every 2 parts. As long as each household is being played the same amount.

    Could be any career in theory but all sims must have the same career and career path. example ; All Entertainer so all have to be musician or comedian cant have one do one and the other do the other one.
    Can use Males instead of females.
    You can do normal thing in your life like have kids and get married. Remember if your sim loses then the are dead maybe ... (Think of the kids) but its up to you really.

    Have fun playing this challenge alternate depending of packs and that or how you would personally do it but these are the ways I started the challenge and will continue to do it this way.
    TuningGaming - www.youtube.com/tuninggaminguk
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