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Updating to 1.67 Check Log Error

Discussion in 'Technical Problems' started by plumdrop, Mar 4, 2015.


    plumdrop Sadistic Simmer

    Origin ID:
    Hi there,
    It's been a while since I've been here. I'm not sure where else to turn for help.
    I've been to reddit and EA support neither have helped.
    I recently decided to reinstall TS3 back onto my computer, I was prompted to update, so I did. When I opened the launcher back up a dialogue box popped up saying an error occurred and that I should check the log for more details. So I went to TS3 files to check the log, the log was not there where it usually is. I have yet to find any log.

    I should probably mention that once the dialogue box popped up and I clicked it "okay" the launcher closed as well.

    I have since tried in many different orders of uninstalling and re installing the game and update the game, however, does play without the update but I can't install expansions, CC, or mods onto the game unless I update it.

    EA told me to right click the game from Origin and click repair I thought this would be a magical fix, but an error message that I don't remember what it said popped up and well that's that it didn't help. I have even gone as far as to restoring my computer to factory settings, which also did not help. which is where I am now, almost a month of troubleshooting the dumb game I so desperately want to play with no idea how to go about fixing it.

    Please help me.
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