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    Sims 4 Day 1 Sep 2, 2014

    Well I played from Midnight until around 4:30am and I've definitely took my time in game. I mean seriously, I'm in turtle mode people haha! Right off the bat I absolutely fell in love with the graphics. They are absolutely GORGEOUS!! It's so easy to get swept away with just your view around you. Everything is so simple and clean, a true breath of fresh air!

    My main sim is Aiden and he's in the Tech Guru career, eventually he'll branch out into the Entrepreneur profession. Since he didn't have to work his first few days, I had him go to the park and socialize. I knew he'd need a friend to keep that social meter up. Well with him being a Genius, he immediately gravitated towards the chess table and began making a friend.

    What was so awesome, was that he could carry on a regular conversation, all while sitting down and playing chess! His social bar went up, he learned the Charisma, Logic and even Comedy skill just by telling a funny joke all the while making a new friend. Well he ended up winning that chess match and was feeling "Confident." He needed to go to the bathroom so when I selected the toilet, he was able to "Pee Like A Champion." Haha! This cracked me up so hard! :hilarious:

    Well it wasn't long before he was hungry. I figured, well I'll do what they showed in the video. I'll catch a fish and fry it up!
    Well he did catch a "Tree Fish" but he wasn't able to grill it. My guess is maybe you have to have a certain cooking skill to do that. So he made hotdogs instead lol!
    Well the day was over and it was back to the house before his first work day. I had him work on his gaming skills since he needed to game for 4 hours in order to earn his first promotion and his first major Aspiration was to practice programming for 10 hours. I noticed he had a few sim choices when it came to playing games lol!
    That little purple reward lamp give the "Focused" mood which has really been helpful for his skills!
    I tried to get a close up of the sims game he was playing lol!

    Overall I'm really enjoying myself. In just a matter of minutes, I was able to move 3 sims from the gallery into my neighborhood as well as a house! It was seamless and couldn't have been more simple. My opinion so far, Sims 4 is definitely an UPGRADE and I'm so glad I took this week off to play. What they've done with the sims, making them more "alive" has really got me attached to Aiden and I've talked with a few other simmers and they feel the same way about their sims.

    I'm in heaven and have barely scratched the surface! :D
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